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The series entitled 90 Days Time to Love is centered on the love lives and challenges of Ko Mi-yeon and Hyeon Ji-seok. Hyeon Ji-seok works as a lecturer in the University while Ko Mi-yeon is a scenarist. The two have been dating ever since they were in high school and so many years after they find out that they are from the same family. They decide to end the relationship and part ways. Four years later they both meet once again in Seoul and they start dating again. They decide to run away to the United States of America so that they can quietly get married away from family.

When Ji-seok's father finds out about their plans to travel, he becomes very angry and commits suicide so that his son will not continue his plans. After his father's death, Ji-seok feels guilty and finds it hard to marry Mi-yeon. He finds another lady called Park who loves him so much and marries her instead. Park is the daughter of Ji-seok's father's best friend and business partner. After a few years of marriage Ji-seok does not feel happy in his marriage to Park even after they have a baby together. Park however makes up her mind not to leave him but be a good wife since she loves him very much.

Mi-yeon realizes she has to move on with her life and be happy, so she also marries. A few years later, Ji-seok finds out that he is suffering from a terminal disease and only has ninety days to live. He asks Mi-yeon to come and spend his last days with him. At the end of the film, Ji-seok dies and Mi-yeon returns to her husband.

The film was written by Park Hae-young and directed by Oh Jong-rok. The entire film comprises of sixteen episodes all of which is available on DVD. The cinematography and music are well done to capture the target audience.

The characters in the film include Kang Ji-hwan featuring as Hyun Ji-seok, Kim Ha-neul featuring as Ko Mi-yeon, Jung Hye-young starring as Park Jeong-ran the wife of Ji-seok, Yun Hee-seok featuring as Kim Tae-hun who is Mi-yeon's husband, Lee Jang-woo a very close friend and classmate of Mi-yeon.

90 Days Time to Love is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (16 episodes). The series first aired on April 26, 2009.

90 Days Time to Love is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch 90 Days Time to Love on demand at, Viki online.

1 Season, 16 Episodes
April 26, 2009
International, Romance
Cast: Kang Ji-hwan, Kim Ha-neul
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90 Days Time to Love Full Episode Guide

  • Jeong-ran and Tae-hun surprise Mi-yeon and Ji-seok by showing up at the hospice, and taking Ji-seok home; Jeong-ran is hurt when she finds out Ji-seok's mother asked Mi-yeon to visit. After being admitted to the hospital and regaining consciousness, Ji-seok confesses his love for Mi-yeon and asks for one last wish.

  • Although Ji-seok refuses to take Mi-yeon's phone calls, Mi-yeon visits him after being asked by his mother to do so. Tae-hun finds it difficult to focus on his work, while Mi-yeon, Ji-seok, Deok-gu, and Byeong-chan spend time together like they used to do when they were kids.

  • Granting his daughter's Christmas wish, Ji-seok takes Hye-jin on a date to a musical and expensive restaurant, where they cross paths with Tae-hun. After suffering from severe pain in the restaurant, Jeong-ran decides to take Ji-seok to Jeju Island; Mi-yeon decides to visit her home in Jeju as well, after her relationship with Tae-hun continues to fall apart.

  • Ji-seok and Mi-yeon take an overnight trip to the coastline, leaving Tae-hun and Jeong-ran wondering if they are together. As Jeong-ran calls Tae-hun to suggest they meet, Ji-seok finds himself waking up in a hospital room with Byeong-chan after losing consciousness while waiting for a tow truck with Mi-yeon.

  • After crossing paths outside of her apartment, Ji-seok gives Mi-yeon keys to his new apartment. The dean abruptly tells Ji-seok he should take a leave of absence from the university; Tae-hun and Jeong-ran begin to feel the consequences of Ji-seok and Mi-yeon's rekindled relationship.

  • Mi-yeon learns that Tae-hun and Ji-seok met, after finding Ji-seok's business card in Tae-hun's coat. While Ji-seok's mother moves into his apartment, Jeong-ran surprises Tae-hun at his office after learning about his recent meeting with Ji-seok. Mi-yeon and Ji-seok cross paths again outside of her apartment building.

  • Jeong-ran and Mi-yeon meet, while Ji-seok makes plans to move into Mi-yeon's old house. Jeong-ran asks Ji-seok's mother to move into their apartment, and Tae-hun tells Mi-yeon over dinner that he asked for a work transfer and they are moving to San Francisco.

  • After seeing Mi-yeon and Ji-seok together, Jeong-ran questions if Ji-seok is pretending to have cancer, in order to leave her for Mi-seok. Tae-hun asks his boss for a transfer to San Francisco, claiming Mi-yeon wants to move there; while Jeong-ran calls Mi-yeon and asks to meet her.