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  • TV-14
  • 2020
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.8  (3,034)

Agent Hamilton is a 2020 Swedish television series that is currently available on MHz Choice. The show is based on the best-selling Hamilton novels by Jan Guillou and stars Jakob Oftebro in the lead role of Carl Hamilton, a covert operative working for the Swedish intelligence agency, SÄPO.

At the beginning of the series, Hamilton is stationed in Afghanistan where he is working with the military in an effort to stop the spread of terrorism. However, he is promptly pulled from the field and sent back to Sweden to take on a new mission. The assignment involves investigating an extremist Islamic cell that is operating within the country, with the ultimate goal of tracking down the cell's leader and preventing a terrorist attack.

As always, Hamilton is aided by his team at SÄPO, including his boss, Kristin Ek (Annika Hallin), and IT expert, Linda Hult (Nina Zanjani). Together, they race against time to prevent the terrorist plot from coming to fruition, while also navigating the complex political landscape of modern-day Sweden.

One of the standout features of Agent Hamilton is its attention to detail. The show's creators have clearly done their research and have crafted a world that feels authentic and lived-in. The show's exploration of Sweden's political and social issues is particularly compelling, as it sheds light on the country's struggles with immigration, extremism, and national identity.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the series, however, is the strength of its lead performance. Jakob Oftebro delivers a captivating turn as Carl Hamilton, bringing both physicality and emotional depth to the role. Hamilton is a complex character, haunted by his past experiences in the field and struggling to balance the demands of his job with the needs of his personal life. Oftebro manages to convey all of this while also making Hamilton an undeniably charismatic and likeable protagonist.

Of course, no action series would be complete without its fair share of thrilling set pieces, and Agent Hamilton certainly delivers on this front. From explosive shootouts to high-speed car chases, the show is packed with pulse-pounding action that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

That being said, Agent Hamilton is more than just an adrenaline-fueled thrill ride. The series also boasts a nuanced exploration of the moral gray areas that come with being a spy. As Hamilton delves deeper into his mission, he must confront difficult questions about the morality of his actions and the cost of his loyalty to his country. The show never shies away from these complexities, making for a thought-provoking viewing experience.

Overall, Agent Hamilton is a must-watch for fans of espionage thrillers. With its compelling protagonist, impressive attention to detail, and exciting action sequences, it is the perfect binge-worthy series for anyone looking for an intense and thought-provoking viewing experience.

Agent Hamilton is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (18 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2020.

Agent Hamilton
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The Reckoning, Part 2 (Episode 8 of 8)
8. The Reckoning, Part 2 (Episode 8 of 8)
May 9, 2022
Hamilton meets a woman who turns out to belong to a group of militant environmentalists. When Hamilton realizes the activists are telling the truth, he breaks with OP5 and joins the group.
The Reckoning, Part 1 (Episode 7 of 8)
7. The Reckoning, Part 1 (Episode 7 of 8)
May 9, 2022
Hamilton is self-destructive after the terrible consequences of his previous mission, but is persuaded to do what he does best. He is sent to Poland to retrieve a Swedish businessman who is sitting on important information.
Shadow World, Part 2 (Episode 6 of 8)
6. Shadow World, Part 2 (Episode 6 of 8)
May 2, 2022
Hamilton comes home to Lykke and makes plans for the future, but first he must complete a mission that is becoming increasingly frightening. Hamilton travels to the Lithuania-Belarus border to face the terrorists.
Shadow World, Part 1 (Episode 5 of 8)
5. Shadow World, Part 1 (Episode 5 of 8)
May 2, 2022
Hamilton has to leave Lykke in the middle of an engagement party, but his will to live a normal life continues to grow. Important information risks falling into the wrong hands when a scientist is kidnapped and blackmailed.
Need to Know, Part 2 (Episode 4 of 8)
4. Need to Know, Part 2 (Episode 4 of 8)
April 25, 2022
All information about the operation is classified and Hamilton is sent to Brussels as a bodyguard for the Minister of Defence. At the same time, a group of rebels prepares for a violent action in connection with an EU summit.
Need to Know, Part 1 (Episode 3 of 8)
3. Need to Know, Part 1 (Episode 3 of 8)
April 25, 2022
Hamilton travels north to uncover a suspected research espionage at the Kiruna Space Project. At the same time, a lorry crosses the Swedish border via Finland. Someone seems to be systematically stealing secret weapons material from Sweden.
Reset, Part 2 (Episode 2 of 8)
2. Reset, Part 2 (Episode 2 of 8)
April 18, 2022
Hamilton and Kristin go undercover to find out more information about the background to the murder. A dangerous chase, which ultimately involves the whole world, leads via the french riviera casino to exclusive villas and out into the Mediterranean.
Reset, Part 1 (Episode 1 of 8)
1. Reset, Part 1 (Episode 1 of 8)
April 18, 2022
During a top-secret NATO operation in the Mediterranean, a Swedish attack diver is murdered. Hamilton knows the victim from his days as a Navy SEAL and travels to Toulon military base in southern France to investigate the incident.
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Agent Hamilton is available for streaming on the MHz Choice website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Agent Hamilton on demand at Apple TV Channels and Amazon Prime.
  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 2020
  • IMDB Rating
    6.8  (3,034)