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Air City is a South Korean TV drama based around the lives of four different airport workers and their various struggles through life. The show is dominated by romance and the internal workings of the Korean airline industry; these two factors form the centerpiece of the show. The show is also notable for having a very popular soundtrack (at least within the cultural confines of South Korea).

The specifics of the plot follow Han Do Kyung, who was hand picked to be the chief of operations of Incheon Airport. She is a multi-linguist and a cool, confident woman who remains calm under even the most stressful situations. However, she remains emotionally scarred from parting with her sister on horrible terms. She becomes entangled with the headstrong and overbearing National Intelligence Service agent Kim Ji Sung, whom is so zealous about his job that he often bends or breaks the rules to get what he needs. This leads to conflict between the two and is only furthered by the apprentice of Han Do Kyung's old childhood friend, Kang Ha Joon. Both men develop feelings for Kyung.

Sundays, Saturdays at 09:40 pm on MBC
1 Season, 20 Episodes
May 19, 2007
Korean Drama, Romance
Cast: Ji-Woo Choi, Jin-wook Lee, Jung-jae Lee, David Lee McInnis
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