Airplane Repo: Wheels Up

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The Airplane Repo crew are back for a series of specials, entitled 'Wheels UP.' This will once again see the crew hunt down and recover high-value airplanes.

Wednesdays 8:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
2 Seasons, 22 Episodes
August 1, 2013
Automotive, Mini-Series
Airplane Repo: Wheels Up

Airplane Repo: Wheels Up Full Episode Guide

  • Ken Cage and Danny Thompson repo a tour bus. Kevin Lacey faces armed guards on a nighttime repo, and Mike Kennedy is caught in a gun-smuggling operation.

  • Mike and his wife go undercover to repo a go-fast boat. Ken and Danny bring in some talented friends to pull off a rare simultaneous triple repo, and Kevin attempts to swipe a deadbeat flight school's entire fleet of Cessnas.

  • A vintage biplane ends up being repossessed at an exposition. Mike attempts to help return a stolen plane. Kevin and Heather attempt a mid-air repossession.

  • A yacht ends up being seized and a debtor is dealt with.

  • Mike goes after a high-priced corporate chopper; Kevin crosses the Mexican border to retrieve a family plane; Ken and Danny go against rivals.

  • A debtor suddenly swipes the helicopter that Ken and Danny were only seconds away from repossessing. Mike Kennedy enlists the help of his wife, Valerie, in a daring plot to seize a charter jet. Kevin is swarmed by FBI agents after an exhausting repo.

  • The men face menacing mechanics and dangerous swamps in their attempts to repossess airplanes.

  • Catch the guys back in action trying to seize luxury airplanes.

  • In this episode they guys have turbulence over the Teton Range, there is a real chance for disaster. The Repo Men have a second shot at a $3million dollar Citation V, will they be redeemed?

  • In this extra we see the airplane repo men face mechanics, dangerous swamps and six armed police as they try to seize luxury planes.