Alaska: The Last Frontier: Exposed

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Alaska: The Last Frontier is an American reality cable TV series which airs on the Discovery Channel. The show made its debut in 2013 and is one of the highest rated show on the network. The camera shows how the Kilchers family live together through the Alaskan cold. They work and live in the outdoors and they are far away from their hometown of Homer, Alaska. While surviving in the cold, the family also endure their lives without plumbing and heat while preparing for the winter. The show is currently in its fourth season and fans are watching the Kilchers surviving one of the most coldest areas each week.

Sundays 8:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
5 Seasons, 73 Episodes
May 19, 2013
Action & Adventure, Nature, Reality
Alaska: The Last Frontier: Exposed

Alaska: The Last Frontier: Exposed Full Episode Guide

  • Atz Lee puts his strength to the limits attempting to finish his cabin; Eivin constructs a boat to secure his family's future; Otto and Charlotte struggle to gather their cattle; and Shane and Kelli receive news about her health. Includes: insider facts and extras.

  • Otto and Charlotte struggle to gather their cattle; Atz Lee and Jane come to a conclusion about his cabin; Eivin and Eve take the new boat on a maiden fishing trip; Shane and Kelli prepare themselves for unexpected news about her health.

  • The Kilchers prepare for the future as winter lurks around the corner; Atz Sr passes on crutial survival wisdom; Atz Lee sets out on a risky solo hunt to a remote and hazardous island; Eivin constructs the perfect boat for his young family's excursions on the water.

  • Otto pays for his hernia operation and winds up with gold fever; Jane and Eivin look for a remote island for enough deer to make it through the winter; Atz Lee pulls down old fears and reaches new peeks as he races the freeze in order to finish his cabin.

  • Fierce weather sweeps into southern Alaska. The Kilchers must get jobs finished before the freeze.

  • Fall welcomes big adjustments to the homestead. Conflict rises between Otto and August in their last quest before August goes away college. Atz Lee, Sr., and Jane labor on Atz Lee's new cabin, but Jane continues to have doubts. Eivin puts together a special surprise.

  • The Kilchers make handmade gifts for their loved-ones.

  • Otto moves a huge greenhouse to a new area using a helicopter; Eve takes on the task of provider and finds a new skill to feed her family; Atz Lee risks his recovery to carry on with his cabin build by himself.

  • Jewel comes back to the homestead with her son and rides out to help a neighbor. Meanwhile, the Kilcher boys try to salvage Shane's cabin; and Atz Lee and Jane examine clues of a bear.

  • Otto puts his recovery in jeopardy to help rescue a paralyzed cow; Jane and Atz Lee place their differences aside to get ready for winter; Atz Senior prepares for a very significant visitor: his daughter and singer-songwriter, Jewel.

  • The Kilchers come together for a Thanksgiving feast at the old family barn and give thanks to friends and family that came to their aid in the past year.

  • With Otto recovering from an operation, Levi travels to Alaska to head the yearly spring cattle drive with Eivin; Otto's unwillingness to step down puts him in danger.

  • After years of putting it off, Otto goes under the knife; Jane must handle the farm and deliver her first calf by herself; Eivin and Atz Lee investigate the Head of the Bay, but their findings won't calm Otto's concerns.

  • The Kilchers hurry to make headway on time sensitive activities; Otto, Charlotte, and Eivin go on a journey to save a family relic; the first fishing outing of the year leaves Eve and Jane lost at sea.

  • Atz Lee works hard to restore his strength and his mental well-being; Eve and Jane go fishing, but their boat's motor gives out, leaving them dead in the water.

  • The Kilcher way of life becomes threatened like never before; after a massive earthquake stikes the region, the families struggle to fix their homes.

  • Mother Nature continues to wreak havoc on the Kilcher homestead. Otto, Charlotte, Jane, Bonnie, and August scramble to save a hay barn.

  • With insider facts and Frontier Extras; a harsh winter puts the homestead to the test; the Kilchers feel the challenges of weather, wildlife, busted machinery and health scares.

  • A review of Atz Lee's proposal to Jane and wedding plans for the Kilchers.

  • A sudden misstep spells catastrophe for Atz Lee; Atz Sr., Eivin, Shane and Nikos hastily prepare for Atz Lee's return from intensive care; a bad barge leaves Otto and Charlotte stranded.

  • The Kilcher's struggle through one of the harshest winters yet; with facts and extras.

  • Eivin defends his family against freezing temperatures; Otto receives a terrifying house call; Atz Lee's plans for the hunter's cabin are interrupted.

  • As winter hits, things get serious on the homestead; the Kilchers increase machine and manpower to get Shane's house ready; the family hunts for meat for the winter.

  • Tension rises with Otto and Charlotte when the try to build a staircase; Eiven and Eve bring home the newest member of the family.

  • Atz Lee encounters the verity of recovery; Eivin and Jane look for huge halibut; Eve and Otto work quickly to finish the fall harvest.