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Alien Surf Girls is an Australian television show that follows the exodus of two teenage female aliens from their home world to the quiet town of Lightning Point. Filmed on the Gold Coast of Ghana, Africa, this interesting science fiction series is geared towards teenagers.

Alien Surf Girls shadows the movements of the two precocious extra-terrestrials as they make an illicit journey to Earth to explore the fascinating features of a world unknown. Named Kiki and Zoey, the girls land their spaceship in a quiet forest and realize that their trip may last longer than they initially intended, as they find that their spaceship is rendered unusable. Kiki and Zoey mount their exploration and immediately become spellbound by the first major characteristic of Earth they encounter

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 8:30 pm ET on Nickelodeon
1 Season, 26 Episodes
May 29, 2012
Comedy, Family
Cast: Philippa Coulthard, Lucy Fry, Jessica Green, Paige Houden
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Alien Surf Girls Full Episode Guide

  • Two of the girls are planning to fly back to Lumina, with Brandon's help.

  • Brandon is so excited by his alien energy that he starts to recharge - way too often. Suddenly, in the Diner, Brandon can't help but radiate energy out into the atmosphere - which starts to affect the Diner in supernatural ways. With the whole town gathering outside, Kiki and Zoey are forced to reveal to Brandon that he is half-Luminan - before absorbing the excess energy into their own fields to save him. The force is so strong that the diner is engulfed in white light - and Zoey and Kiki are revealed to everyone in their plasma form. Luckily, they didn't blow their cover. But with all of Lightning Point witnessing an extraterrestrial explosion, for how much longer can they stay hidden?

  • Brandon is furious with everyone - and especially Zoey - for lying to him. How could they keep a secret like this from him? And how could the Luminan people, Zoey and Kiki'S people, abduct his parents?! When Luca tries to calm him down, Brandon'S temper flares - and starts a fire in the middle of the cane field. Luca's horse Bandit is spooked and bolts through the forest, carrying Luca with him. Throwing Luca to the ground, Bandit leaves him unconscious before returning to the farm - where Kiki and Amber are waiting. Leaping onto Bandit, Kiki is convinced she can find Luca by following Bandit's aura trail. But when the aura trail runs out, Kiki will have to stretch deeper into her energy reserves if she has any chance of finding Luca before nightfall.

  • With Brandon fully charged, Zoey can't help but feel that Brandon needs to know the truth about her. How can she be his girlfriend and keep lying to him? While Amber teaches a surf class with Josh's precocious younger brother SEAN, Zoey prepares to tell him - at whatever cost. But before she can reveal her secret, a storm rolls in over Lightning Point and Brandon excuses himself. He has to go. While Zoey is left dumbstruck, Luca knows the real reason he rushed off - to use the storm to catch aliens - and recharge so he is at full power. But Zoey knows that humans, aliens and lightning don't mix. Can she get to Brandon before it's too late?

  • Kiki and Zoey are relieved to find out that half-Luminan Brandon can't use the card properly. The only way they can be sure they are out of danger though, is to destroy the card. But when Zoey is nearly caught by Brandon trying to steal it, Luca has to take matters into his own hands. Now wary that Luca wants it for himself, Brandon tries harder to crack the code. It is only when Brandon strangely remembers some moments of his childhood that he figures out the key to the card - his own energy. Brandon now thinks he has everything he wants - control of alien technology that will help him catch the real culprits behind his parent's disappearance.

  • Zoey and Brandon are closer than ever, so when Amber suggests a house party to celebrate, everyone's excited. But when Brandon accidentally makes Madison disappear, Zoey and Kiki realize what this means - Brandon is half -Luminan!

  • Luca is finally letting his guard down with Kiki again - and soon they're back to their old friendship. When Luca becomes curious about Kiki's alien powers, Kiki wastes no time in showing him some tricks with the plasma card. Kiki cloaks Brandon's boat, sitting idle in the Benedict Workshed. But after Kiki returns the ship, a strange glow emits from the deck and they finally discover that the boat did hold more secrets - a toy lighthouse. While Kiki, Luca and Amber try to piece together the significance, Zoey is starting to warm to Brandon more and more. But when he tries to kiss her after a surfing lesson, Zoey bolts from the beach...all the way home!

  • When Olivia rings Amber about a surprise waiting at home for her, Amber would never have guessed that the surprise was her Dad Keith! Amber's parents may be divorced, but both Amber and Olivia love having Keith back - even Piper is in the family spirit! Kiki and Zoey have never seen Amber so happy. But when Keith gives Amber an early birthday present - plane tickets for Amber to live in Hawaii with him, she is torn. Should she spend time with her Dad, who she misses dearly, in a tropical paradise? Or should she stay to protect her alien houseguests - and two best friends? Zoey and Kiki don't want to be a burden - perhaps they will have to make the choice for her...

  • Amber is excited to work with her crush, Josh, on a fundraiser, until she stumbles into Zoey's plasma recharge and develops unusual powers.

  • Will Kiki be able to escape alien hunter Harry Dean?

  • Brandon and Luca stumble upon something interesting in the cane field.

  • Brandon and Luca figure out a plan to locate aliens.

  • The more time Kiki spends with Luca, the less she feels like an alien. Meanwhile, Zoey tries to send a signal home, but will the energy cloud lead Brandon straight to her?Tags: Alien Surf Girls, alien surf girls, girls, surfing, aliens, asg,

  • When Madison throws Brandon a birthday party, Kiki, Zoey, and Amber attend to watch over the guys. Just how much do Brandon and Luca know?

  • As Zoey, Kiki and Amber head out to the Benedict cane field, owned by Brandon and Luca's family, Zoey is excited. She can't wait to show Kiki and Amber the energy anomaly she has found, deep inside the cane. But when Zoey and Kiki test the invisible Luminan energy column with their plasma card, the card's own energy field is hijacked. After the dust settles, the trio discover - they're standing in the middle of a huge crop circle. While the girls try to figure out how to cover it up, they hear a whirring noise overhead - what is that? Brandon and Luca have discovered it too - and are flying a miniature plane with a camera attached over the intricate symbol. Luca finally convinces Brandon - this is no human feat. There are aliens in Lightning Point!

  • Madison challenges Zoey to a competition at Lightning Point's most dangerous surfing spot. When Zoey wipes out, she transforms into her alien form. Will she sacrifice surfing for good?

  • Zoey disappears during a flash of lighting and Kiki realizes Zoey is actually stuck in the lightning. Later, Kiki and Amber realize they must team up with Luca to save their friend.

  • Amber is tired of being the middle man for Luca and Kiki; Zoey tries to find out why they came to Lightning Point; Kiki arrives with Amber for her date with Luca.

  • Luca's horse, Bandit, is still shook up from the storm, so Kiki tries to heal him with her alien powers. Meanwhile, Zoey takes on a new challenge: household chores.

  • Amber makes an important discovery; Zoey is obsessed with surfing and goes out every day - that is, until Brandon steals her wave and makes her break Amber's prized surf board.

  • Kiki and Zoey use the school satellite dish to send an alien signal; Amber must stop the school from being overrun by canines.

  • Kiki and Zoey begin to settle in at Amber's house; Brandon invites Zoey to a barbecue.

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