American Entrepreneurs

Every successful business starts with modest roots. Beginning with an idea, these entrepreneurs faces a multitude of challenges to get their companies started and convince the world to use their products. Ben & Jerry's, Google, and Amazon are just a few of the companies featured on this inspiring series.

1 Season, 9 Episodes
April 30, 2009
News, History
American Entrepreneurs

American Entrepreneurs Full Episode Guide

  • The famous Wal-Mart founder

  • The founder of

  • The baset Cookie maker in town.

  • Hershey was uneducated, lived in poverty, and failed many times before he built the greatest chocolate company in America.

  • John Pierpont Morgan saved the nation from bankruptcy.

  • The founders of Google.

  • Learn about the rise and fall of Donald Trump.

  • Business Titan Bill gates of Microsoft fame.

  • Ben and Jerry care about good food and the environment.

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