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This National Geographic Channel special series features young people who were raised in an Amish community. In this program, film crews follow many of these teenagers as they experience life away from the Amish community for the first time in their lives. Many of these teens are brought face to face with a different way of life as well as a whole new world of thought once they step away from their families. Viewers can learn much about the Amish way as they follow these teens while they struggle to decide their identity as they become adults.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic
1 Season, 11 Episodes
December 8, 2010
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Mose Gingerich
Amish: Out of Order
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Amish: Out of Order Full Episode Guide

  • Mose hosts a reunion, where members of the ex-Amish community gather to discuss their futures, their successes and their failures. With Christmas approaching, the group also talks about their holiday traditions (or lack thereof) in both their past and present lives.

  • Mose returns home from his road trip and decides to open a counseling center. But then, tragedy strikes when his friend Cephas is killed in a car accident, putting Mose's skills as a mentor, counselor and leader to the test.

  • Mose takes a break from his worries and concerns. There are a lot of ex-Amish seeking more spirituality by joining evangelical churches. Some who have chosen this path are actively recruiting in Amish communities.

  • Mose goes to see his cousin, also an ex-Amish, who recently served a tour of duty in Afghanistan. His visit leads him to wanting to see his mother who he hasn't seen in nine years.

  • Mose travels to Lancaster, Pa., the epicenter of Amish tourism, to determine the role tourism plays in the survival of the Amish. Later, he gives a lecture at Indiana University.

  • Michaela, a teen who wishes to become Amish, stays with an Old Order Amish woman. Meanwhile, after helping out with a barn raising, Mose reaches out to his former Amish community, but learns that they've shut off all contact with him because he helps others leave the sect. He then organizes a group of ex-Amish to help rebuild a home destroyed by a tornado in Joplin, Mo.

  • An ex-Amish teen is involved in a serious car crash that lands him in the hospital, fighting for his life. The accident devastates his former community, who see cars as a threat to their traditions.

  • A teen with a troubled family history is drawn to Amish simplicity and considers joining the sect.

  • Former members of Amish communities are profiled as they face the challenges of living in modern society. In the series premiere, ex-Amish brothers Chris and Reuben Yoder help out an Amish friend who wants to leave the sect.

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