An Elf's Story

An Elf's Story, also known as The Elf On The Shelf, is a Christmas special that was normally broadcast on the CBS channel. This animated television series was directed by Chad Eikhoff, Carol Aebersold, and Chanda Bell, and it was written by Chad Eikhoff, Christa Pitts, and Kenneth M. Waddell. An Elf's Story has many well known actor's and actresses playing the voice's of these animated character's such as Leslie Bellair, Brendon Fooling, Evie Eikhoff, Doug Williams, Emm Greene, and Todd Sayre.

This animated Christmas special is mainly focused around the life of a scout elf named Chippey, and a young 9 year old boy named Taylor McTuttle. Taylor McTuttle is a young boy who has come to a phase in life where he is unsure whether Santa Claus actually knows who is naughty or nice. In fact, little Taylor is beginning to question whether or not Santa is even real. While Chippey just so happens to be a scout elf, working for Santa Claus. Chippey's job is to help Santa figure out who goes on the naughty list, and who goes on the nice. A hard task for any elf to take on.

Furthermore, Santa comes to realize that little Taylor McTuttle has began to loose his faith and spirit in him, and therefore assigns Chippey the scout Elf, to restore Taylor's faith in Christmas. During Chippey's quest to restore Taylor's faith, Taylor begins to act defiant, and starts breaking the elf's rule's that would cause Taylor to be one Santa's naughty list. Chippey battles with young Taylor trying to get him to be good and believe in Santa once again, but ultimately, Taylor breaks the number one rule and touches Chippey, causing Chippey to loose all of his elf magic. Once Taylor touched Chippey, his entire family loose's they're elf's too. Now both Chippey and Taylor face a long journey ahead of them, learning the true spirit of Christmas, learning forgiveness, and discovering Taylor's faith in Santa once again.

1 Season, 1 Episode
November 26, 2011
Children, Family
Cast: Leslie Bellair, Brendan Dooling, Evie Eikhoff, Emma Greene
An Elf's Story

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