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Animal Planet Extreme features different animals on each episode. They educate their viewers on the strength and weakness of the animal. They also talk about the animal's speed, behavior, anatomy and discuss the diet of the animal. On each episode they use computer animation to compare the animal

Discovery Channel
2 Seasons, 16 Episodes
July 19, 2011
Cast: Colin McFarlane
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Animal Planet Extreme Full Episode Guide

  • Razor sharp teeth, killer instincts, and senses so precise they hear your beating heart, and your fear. They're on the hunt, and now with numbers growing out of control, they're threatening humans like never before.

  • They're the most ruthless killers on earth and out of control. A zombie-like pathogen is spreading to big cats around the world, removing their fear of human civilization. These predators have a thirst for blood, and we're their next target.

  • A woman who claims to have been raised by monkeys returns to the jungles of Colombia to discover the truth behind her ordeal. Accompanied by her daughter, she will piece together what she can of her childhood and undergo tests to prove her claims.

  • More than two million aggressive, wild pigs are running amok in Texas, attacking people and terrorizing neighborhoods. Follow a special team of hunters and conservationists as they hunt down these invasives and investigate their destructive powers.

  • Killer invasive reptiles and creatures are overrunning Florida - endangering people and pets. Follow a special team of hunters and conservationists as they track down giant pythons, vicious mini dinosaurs, and a slimy species that carries a deadly virus.

  • An alien species is out of control in America - the Burmese python. Breeding more and more, swallowing bigger and bigger prey, they're proving even humans are fair game. Can anything stop these man-eaters before it's too late?

  • The legendary kraken lurks in the dark, and may be headed for our shores. From fishermen killed by ravenous squid to sailors who've witnessed the epic-sized monster in the flesh, these stories show the kraken myth is all too real. Can anything stop them?

  • Dive deeper with bonus footage, production facts and tweets as we reveal the first ever footage of the giant squid where it lives.

  • The story behind internet phenomenon, "Christian the Lion" and the five-minute video that told the story of the emotional reunion between two young men and their 300 pound pet lion a year after he was released into the African wild.

  • Exotic species released on foreign soil become invasive species. Without natural predators, growing populations wreak havoc and in the U.S., the gateway is Florida where giant rats, lizards, feral hogs and lethal pythons are on the most wanted list.

  • Bed bugs have descended upon the United States, creating a pandemic. These critters can infiltrate our businesses, movie theaters and homes. Entomologists, pest control companies, and victims detail the creepiest and most obscene bed bug stories ever.

  • From the woman who thinks of her cats as her babies to the shut-in trying to save the world one cat at a time, dating coach Alyson Mischel brings her expertise to cat ladies of all types to help them get off the couch and into the world of dating.

  • South Florida is under siege from a new invasive species. This time, they're man-eaters, African Rock Pythons. These lethal giant constrictors are one of nature's most aggressive snakes.

  • Pablo Escobar, one of the richest and most violent drug lords in history, illegally imported four hippos into Colombia for his private zoo in the 1980's. Thirty years later, the hippos have multiplied to 32, creating a massive problem for the country.

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