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School is out for the summer and for most students this means freedom from the hectic workload of the school year. But for a group of students this is just the beginning. They decide to make a movie about their summer vacation, which is just fine, but this is where things get interesting. They begin to learn one another, there weaknesses and strength. Then, once thought to be doldrums of summer soon turn into more complex situations with revealing and intimate relations maturing between the members will have some very interesting and unexpected twist along the way.

They begin to learn themselves deeper as well as each other. Their concept of understanding will also be put to the challenge with their newly discovered feelings, thoughts and all the possibilities that the group has come face-to-face with.

Wednesday 8:30am PST/EST on AT-X
1 Season, 12 Episodes
January 11, 2012
Anime, Comedy, Drama
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Ano Natsu de Matteru Full Episode Guide

  • Some unexpected allies have joined the cause to help Ichika and Kaito, and they pack firepower. But if Ichika and Kaito make it to the spot in her dreams, what will they do then?

  • Emika is on earth to take Ichika home. Ichika has broken many interstellar laws and things get worse the longer she stays on earth. Can Kaito go with her? Can Ichika stay on earth? Can anybody stop Emika from taking her home?

  • Ichika and Kaito are official, but there are some who haven't let go. Those hearts must be crushed and crushed again before they can finally move on.

  • Now that the secret is out, Ichika has been avoiding Kaito. But with advice from Remon he tries to understand what Ichika is going through. Kanna bares it all to Ichika knowing in the end, she will be the one heartbroken.

  • Kaito and his friends are going to the town's festival. Ichika sees it as a learning experience, Remon is using it to gather more footage, and Kanna wants to get closer to Kaito. But plans change and hearts are broken when an unannounced visitor shakes things up.

  • The members who slipped away from the filming return, and the movie is underway again, though the atmosphere is awkward. Tetsuro is sent running as Chiharu chases after him, while Kanna consults with Remon. Finally, Kaito receives a message left at the hotel by Kaori...

  • The group receives a free trip to Okinawa courtesy of Manami. While there, Kaito runs into a childhood friend who claims to be his fiance. Tetsuro gains a stalker that stirs some jealous feelings in Mio.

  • It is the first day of summer vacation and the first day of the movie shoot. Remon tells the crew that the movie is about an alien, who comes to earth, and has an encounter with a boy. After a tough day of shooting, Tetsurou drops a bomb on Kaito.

  • Kaito keeps imagining bad things about what happened with him an Ichika the night before, so he decides to skip school because he's so embarrased. Ichika doesn't understand why he's staying home so she starts to worry. Meanwhile, Kanna starts to worry about Kaito, as well, and goes to see how he's doing after school secretly, but ends up being followed and recorded by Remon's 8mm camera.

  • After explaining the situation to Nanani, she suddenly invites Ichika to stay at their hose while she is on her trip. Kanna is floored, and informs the group about this new development.

  • Kirishima Kaito, currently in his first year of high school, holds an 8 mm camera in one hand and views the scenery around a lake through its viewfinder. But then a strange light from the sky comes down, and a blast of wind plunges him into the lake. The next time Kaito opens his eyes he's lying in bed in his own room, for some reason. The same day a red-haired girl named Takatsuki Ichika transfers into Kaito's school...

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