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In 2008, Anyone but Me debuted as a web-based television drama. It has run for three seasons, over twenty episodes, which are around six to fifteen minutes long. It was developed by Tina Cesa Ward and playwright Susan Miller. The series has been followed closely by the LGBT community and by two magazines, Curve and GO!.In addition, Anyone but Me has won nearly twenty awards from such places as the Writer's Guild, TV Guide and the Streamy Awards.

It follows the story of Vivian McMillan, a sixteen year old lesbian in a relationship with Aster Gaston. After Vivian's father falls ill, she is forced to move thirty miles away into the home of her great aunt and enroll in a new school. Her mother left the family when Vivian was still very young, so her great aunt tries to establish a mother-like relationship, but Vivian doesn't connect, possibly due to her anxiety over her sexuality. Her father used to be a firefighter, but it is heavily implied that he suffered some respiratory illness due to the events of September 11, 2001. In a way, Vivian is shown to be much more parental in their relationship, scolding him when he didn't call.

While Vivian's sexuality was well known in her old school, she does not reveal it in her new one, for the reason that she believes the more conservative community will not accept it. She even hides it from her aunt and Sophia, a longtime childhood friend. When Aster does make it into conversations, Vivian goes to great lengths to try to minimize their relationship.

However, Vivian is not successful from hiding the truth from Archibald, an African-American student. The two skirt with the idea that they would never be accepted by the predominately white community. Later Sophia discovers the truth, yet she is more upset that Vivian wouldn't think she would be intolerant then the fact her friend is a lesbian.

As for Aster, it is assumed that her parents are largely uninterested in her life. It falls on the shoulders of Vivian and Archibald to motivate her to attend school. Archibald spends much time with the school administrator, though he treats her as more of a spy to catch misbehavior.

For three seasons, Anyone but Me has ran and if the current trends are anything to go by, it might just run a little bit longer.

4 Seasons, 39 Episodes
December 9, 2008
Drama, Web Originals
Cast: Rachael Hip-Flores, Nicole Pacent, Jessy Hodges, Alexis Slade
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Anyone But Me Full Episode Guide

  • Now in their early 20s, Vivian and Aster finally arrive at "someday."

  • Can a life far away, be a new reality?

  • Vivian and Aster dream about living in California together.

  • Aster tries to persuade Vivian to sit in the back of the theater for a little clandestine hanky-panky.

  • Separated and a world apart, Aster and Vivian carry on a conversation in their heads.

  • It's the first time for Vivian, and she's a nervous wreck.

  • Vivian and Aster hang out as Vivian prepares for her big move.

  • Vivian asks Aster a provocative question as they reflect on gender and how it affects their lives.

  • Vivian and Aster reflect on their lives during their first overnight at Jodie's house.

  • Jealousy, attractions, and flirtations, oh my!

  • Series Finale for the hit web series, "Anyone But Me!" Vivian and Aster confront their past to see if there's a future. And an unexpected intrusion throws everyone off guard, forcing a decision

  • After miles and months apart, Vivian and Aster confront what was and what may be.

  • Vivian's confused feelings towards Sophie are aroused by Sophie's need to confide in her. Aster seeks out Dr. Glass.

  • Sophie's secret life catches up with her. Aunt Jodie makes a debut.

  • Sophie faces Vivian for the first time since "the kiss" and Aster finds more than she was looking for in L.A.

  • In the Season 3 opener, Vivian struggles to draw the comic strip forces her to confront difficult memories.

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