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About Strike.TV

The Strike.TV channel is a network that provides a platform for new shows for an indie audience. These are programs that are often produced by Hollywood producers, but the people in front of the camera are new to most audiences.

This TV styled website channel has a lot of shows like The Dwelling and The Girls' Guide to Everything Else. There are an assortment dry humor type of comedy shows that are available on this station. Many people that watch these shows may be seeing the actors for the first time. The writers, however, may be writers from popular shows like Friends, Seinfeld and The Office. It is basically a platform for new talent, but it's sort of designed for a select audience. These are not high dollar sitcoms and dramas with actors that have million-dollar-per-episode salaries. By contrast, these are shows with a scaled back budget and actors that are trying to break ground in the acting industry.

These shows are shorter than the typical TV sitcom, but most of the shows like Urban Cowboys and The Smartest Guy in the World will have 15 episodes. People that are interested in fresh faces will enjoy the assortment of shows that are found in this channel. It is a station that also has some dramas as well. The shows found here present a plethora of different alternatives for people that may tired of mainstream television. Shows found here represent a new wave of talent that may not seen anywhere else.

About This Channel