"Baggage," is a thirty minute television game show that is hosted by talk show host Jerry Springer. This is a Game Show Network, late night original program. Each episode centers around four different people and their secrets. This is a dating style game show. The main contestant gets to choose from three different people who they would like to go on a date with depending on if they can handle their baggage. Each potential suitor, stands by a suitcase with a secret about them inside. This is their baggage. Some examples of a persons baggage are they always choose what their date will eat or they like to sleep in their mothers clothes. It can literally be anything.

The main contestant then gets to decide whose baggage is too much and that person is eliminated from the dating pool. With only two contestants left, the craziness of the person's baggage increases and another potential suitor is eliminated. Finally, when there is only one suitor remaining, the contestant must reveal their own baggage. The potential suitor than gets to decide whether or not they can handle that persons baggage. If they can a date is arranged and if not they both go home with nothing but there thirty minutes of TV fame.

Jerry Springer lends a hand at levity with his witty and sarcastic comments about the contestant's baggage. The show is taped before a live audience and their reactions and suggestions are heard throughout the show. This program touches on adult content and is not intended to be viewed by children so, it airs in the evenings.

Mondays at 6:30 PM on GSN
2 Seasons, 42 Episodes
July 24, 2010
Game Show
Cast: Jerry Springer

Baggage Full Episode Guide

  • Has Angelo impregnated 9 women?

  • Does Michael have a diaper fetish, a love of cougars, or is he an addict?

  • Has Matt been married six times, arrested for public indecency, or is he a bankrupt circus performer?

  • Erika's a hot model but was she once a groupie for Marilyn Manson?

  • Is Ashley a shopaholic, a stalker, or did she bite off a man's finger?

  • Is Helen on multiple drugs, is she an ex-con, or is she really a man?

  • Fake diamond proposal? Dated a serial killer? Used to dance at a gay bar?

  • Did she pawn mom's jewelry, fake infertility, or get arrested for public sex?

  • Does she prefer porn to sex, did she ruin a friend's wedding, or trash a TV?

  • Has a sperm donor? Sent her boss dirty pics? Blew inheritance in Atlantic City?

  • Cant' keep a job? Date a prisoner? Trick her bf into getting her pregnant?

  • Is Ash a sex addict, in credit card debt, or did he have a mail-order bride?

  • Is Todd a cheater, a gambler, or does he only bathe once a week?

  • Is BJ a nudist? Has he been arrested 22 times? Was he a kissing cousin?

  • Is he banned from FL, does he collect dolls, or did he have 3 gfs at once?

  • Cash in mom's 401k, ditch gf at a truck stop, or sleep with 2 sisters in a day?

  • Is she a jilter, did she forge a check to charity, or have sex at a theme park?

  • Is he a former porn star, does he have no income, did he sleep with his boss?

  • Does Marc wear lingerie, sleep with his maid, or did he lose $1.9 million.

  • Is Emily an ex-con, a former lesbian, or is she still in love with her ex.

  • Does Chrissy have a Santa fantasy, is she a vandal, or addicted to the lottery?

  • Did he steal drugs, sleep with a hooker, or report a friend to internal affairs?

  • Is Nikki a webcam stripper, an illness faker, or is her father a woman?

  • Does she wear diapers, sleep with her shrink, or use the handicapped spots?

  • Is she a dominatrix, a politician's mistress, or extremely jealous?

  • Is Sarah a webcam junkie, a pet stealer, or a boyfriend assaulter?

  • Was he a male escort, have 3 fiances at once, or leave his gf for her niece?

  • Is Adam a thief, a cheater, or does he live on a campground?

  • Does he own a nude maid service, cry during sex, or owe his ex wife $50k?

  • Indecent exposure arrest, wedding crasher, or sex once a month?

  • Does she check her bf's texts, sleep with his dad, or does she have anxiety?

  • Does she have 4 exes, sell sex toys, or does she put her cat before men?

  • Is she a sex toy peddler, an arsonist, did she spend $100k on a wedding gown?

  • Does he sleep with a sex doll, have 8 arrests, or was he a cult member?

  • Does Paul refuse to wear condoms, let him parents put him up, or wear a thong?

  • Is Brad under house arrest, is he a cross dresser, or did he jilt his fiance?

  • Does Jet have a snake room, sleep with ex's mom, or is he jobless and carless?

  • Is Kristin a phone sex operator, a gambling addict, or does she want a pre-nup?

  • Did Nate max out his girlfriend's credit? Does he live at home? Is he a virgin?

  • Did Anna sleep with her boss, does she have a husband, or is she a cat lady?

  • What is Shana's Baggage? Poker addiction, sugar daddy, or alien abduction?

  • Testing the tolerance limits of emotional baggage.

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