Bar Wars

This reality TV show challenges a team of 5 males and a team of 5 females against each other to see who can run the most successful bar at an exciting destination. The winning team is rewarded the profits from both bars. In order to win, each individual has to avoid elimination and being replaced by their own team along the way.

Channel 4
1 Season, 9 Episodes
May 11, 2010
Bar Wars

Bar Wars Full Episode Guide

  • Tension mounts as the battle of the sexes enters it's final phase. The boys are presently in the lead with four sackings to the girls three but, with the money each bar makes deciding the…

  • The score is three all in the Bar Wars game and no-one is feeling the pressure as much as the two newcomers, Lex and Miranda.

  • Confidence is high at Temptations as the girls steam ahead on an unparalleled winning streak.

  • The boys realise they've been taking things far too easy but feel the girls have gone too far. When both teams clash, an almighty bust up ensues.

  • This week the boys have two new money-making schemes up their sleeves and the girls are beginning to worry. A tie-in with Kavos's biggest nightclub looks like the boys have pulled off…

  • Tough decisions are weighing down the boys but the girls are taking it easy for a change, unaware that trouble is lurking around the corner. The boys hit on a plan to lure new custom to…

  • As new girl Jodine arrives, the battle intensifies between the rival bars Temptation and Climax. The girls fight back at their recent defeat by staging a raucous toga party to beef up…

  • Tensions begin to rise in the Mediterranean as the two rival teams battle to get customers through the doors. Who will end up on top at the end of the second week?

  • The first episode in the series features the run-up to the opening night of the two bars. Will the girls overcome their differences and launch with a bang?

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