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Batfink is an animated superhero TV series that ran for 100 episodes from April 1966 to October 1967. Its format was a little different from most animated TV shows of the time, in that it consisted of several short cartoons, five or six minutes in length. Full episodes were 26 minutes long.

The show was created as a parody of some of the popular superhero TV series of the time, such as The Green Hornet and the original Batman series. Batfink (played by Frank Buxton) is a bat who uses his metallic wings and super-sonic sonar radar to fight crime. He frequently gets his information from the local Police Chief (played by Len Maxwell), who contacts him through a video link directly connected to Batfink's split-level cave.

Besides Batfink and the Chief, the other two main characters throughout the show are Karate and Hugo A-Go-Go. Karate (played by Len Maxwell) is Batfink's driver and sidekick. While Batfink is the brains of the operation, Karate is the brawn - not too bright, but strong enough to be an asset. As his name suggests, he's a martial arts expert. The character of Karate is a tribute to many other popular characters of the time. His name is a takeoff of The Green Hornet's sidekick, Kato, his voice is deliberately similar to the Get Smart character Maxwell Smart, and his massive body size and shape is a reference to the Bond villain Oddjob. Although sometimes it's Karate's blundering that gets him and Batfink into trouble in the first place, he often provides good backup for Batfink.

Hugo A-Go-Go (played by Frank Buxton) is the series' primary villain, a mad scientist who is constantly creating wacky inventions to help him take over the world. Most of Batfink's adventures are about stopping Hugo, but somehow at the end of the episode, Hugo always manages to get away and cause more trouble in later episodes.

The series was released on DVD in 2007 as a DVD boxset containing all 100 episodes.

1 Season, 100 Episodes
April 21, 1967
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Frank Buxton
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Batfink Full Episode Guide

  • Hugo A-Go-Go steals a hubcap from Batfink's car to draw him to his laboratory.

  • The wizened old Father Time Bomb plants a time bomb in the Chief's locker, then calls the Chief informing him of his deed.

  • Bowl Brummel makes his strike down Diamond Alley by throwing a bomb ball and robbing the jewels.

  • Judy Jitsu steals a countess's jewels and beats up the police chief.

  • Mike the Mimic disguises himself as the director of a museum to steal a famous painting, knowing that Batfink will try to recover it.

  • Hugo's machine gives him superhuman strength and he changes his name to Jerkules.

  • On the talk show "Shoot Your Mouth Off," Victor the Predictor says that Batfink is finished.

  • What does a crime fighter do on his day off? In Karate's case, he moonlights on the wrong side of the law.

  • Hugo has a new spray that turns people into egomaniacs.

  • The annual charity bazaar is a great financial success until Old King Cruel swoops in and steals the proceeds. Batfink tries to save the day again.

  • The city is invaded by a flying saucer that robs the bank. Batfink suspects Hugo A-Go-Go and begins his investigation.

  • Opera star Frederico Finoots opens a fan letter that causes him to lose his voice.

  • Hugo has a belt that can transport him from Here to There and back again.

  • At the bank, Hugo steals a fortune using an ordinary fountain pen, claiming it's a new high-tech weapon.

  • A jeweler leaves his son in charge of the store. A holdup man comes along, but Blankenstein says his gun shoots blanks.

  • Hugo has built a giant mechanical carrier pigeon to carry him around.

  • At the police station, the cleaning woman knocks out the Chief with her shoe and vacuums up the police payroll!

  • Goldyunlocks has cracked all the safe deposit boxes in the bank with her three accomplices: Phil Baer, Bill Baer and Sylvester Baer.

  • Buster the Ruster breaks into the studio of the world's greatest sculptor and steals a bust of Gen. Custer from his safe.

  • Magneto wears magnetic gloves to steal a metal jewelry box. Karate sprays Batfink's wings with antimagnetism spray.

  • A Trojan horse steals the city treasury. Inside the Trojan horse is Hugo A-Go-Go.

  • Hugo makes a white flag to surrender to Batfink and Karate. It's a trick, of course, to lure them into his new escape-proof Atom Boom.

  • The Mean Green Midget places a plant in the office of the First Buck Bank's president.

  • The city's payroll is stolen by someone with wings of steel who flies like a bat.

  • Hugo A-Go-Go invents a magic lamp that helps him steal an armored car by releasing smoke into the car, forcing the driver out and allowing him in.

  • Curly the Human Cannonball fires himself through the wall of a jewelry store, bypassing the alarmed glass and a gate.

  • The Bouncer turns a bridge to rubber and offers to fix it for $1 million. Batfink tries out the bridge with the Batillac but bounces around on it.

  • Hugo A-Go-Go celebrates Batfink's birthday by sending him a hand grenade disguised as a birthday present.

  • The Idol's Eye, a fabulous ruby from India, is on display at the museum. Sabubu, the Thief from Baghdad, swoops in on his flying carpet and steals it.

  • The world's rarest coin is on display at the museum. Just as Hugo A-Go-Go is about to steal it, someone else beats him to it.

  • Sandman Sam breaks into stores all over the city and uses his Slumber Sand to put the police to sleep so he can steal valuable items.

  • A deranged man is using various explosives to destroy all the statues in the city, and Batfink and Karate are the only ones who can stop him!

  • The Great Escapo escapes from prison during a magic show, and Batfink is the only one who can recapture him.

  • Hugo A-Go-Go invents a yo-yo that uses dynamite to blow up stores, allowing him to steal the contents.

  • Hugo calls Batfink over to the lab. He tells Batfink that someone who looks like him is about to rob the bank.

  • Hugo's newest invention makes two people or animals switch personalities. He shoots the Presto-Chango at Batfink and Karate.

  • The Rotten Rainmaker has delayed a crucial rocket launch by controlling the weather and demanding $1 million to make it stop raining.

  • Hugo dynamites a safe at an armored-car company.

  • Hugo's giant fan blows hate smoke -- "hoke" -- into the city, and everyone turns on everyone else.

  • Hugo A-Go-Go uses a new invention that can slow down or speed up a person's movements.

  • A criminal named Queenie Bee uses a bunch of bees in a portable beehive to steal a painting of Mona Lisa's homely sister, Mona Loser.

  • Gypsy James drives around town in his gypsy wagon (marked "G.J. Inc.") stealing parking meters for small change.

  • Ex-wrestling champ Tiger Gluck guards the priceless violin of Maestro Fiddlefaddle.

  • Hugo A-Go-Go invents a device that stops time whenever he wants and goes on a crime spree.

  • The Chameleon pulls off art robberies by hiding behind backdrops that blend into the scenery.

  • Party Marty steals Cleopatra's love letters from a display at the library, leaving Batfink as the only hope for their safe return.

  • Robber Hood uses his bow and arrow to steal a stack of $1,000 bills from the bank. Can Batfink and Karate find him and bring him to justice?

  • Beanstalk Jack uses a magic seed to grow a beanstalk on a city sidewalk to steal the city treasury.

  • All electronic equipment in the city is being jammed, including Batfink's hotline. Hugo A-Go-Go shows up to unjam the electronics ... for a price.

  • Hugo A-Go-Go invents a Kangarobot that helps him hop around town committing crimes.

  • Hugo A-Go-Go has a robot bride that he uses to steal a diamond ring from a jewelry store. Can Batfink and Karate put an end to his crime spree?

  • Lucky Chuck steals a dinosaur wishbone and turns Batfink's radar into a horseshoe.

  • Professor Flippo steals the Topsy Turvy box while posing as a janitor at the government's top-secret building.

  • Roz the Schnozz robs the richest mansions in town by nosing out mink and money.

  • The Human Pretzel has stowed on board an airplane and steals a shipment of uncut diamonds.

  • Hugo A-Go-Go invents a new machine that brings his shadow to life and uses it to commit crimes for him.

  • Hugo A-Go-Go is running for mayor and comes up with a plan that puts the chief of police and the mayor in jail on Election Day.

  • Swami Salami steals jewels while playing a snake charmer tune on his flute.

  • Hugo A-Go-Go is on a new crime spree, robbing banks with Batfink on his trail.

  • The Golden Hand of Kara-Tay goes on display at a museum. Its first visitor is Karate, who chops through the thick glass case and steals the hand.

  • The famous comedian King Cole has his solid-gold golf clubs stolen.

  • Hugo A-Go-Go is working on his greatest and most secret experiment: the Goldstinger.

  • Batfink is called in to investigate a strange robbery at the Diamond Exchange.

  • Nobody would be stupid enough to steal a millionaire maharajah's million-dollar turban ... except Stupidman.

  • Hugo A-Go-Go is dressed as an Indian and stealing jewelry. Batfink and Karate try to capture him again.

  • Batfink's slipperiest adversary to date is Greasy Gus, who lubricates the floor as the Chief is walking by with the police payroll.

  • Professor Vibrato, the mad musician of crime, is performing a jailhouse jam session at police headquarters.

  • A criminal named Zero has stolen a handwritten manuscript of "The Three Musketeers" from an exclusive auction of rare art objects.

  • Hugo A-Go-Go sets up a fake army camp on the outskirts of town and builds an army of robots that he uses to rob banks for him.

  • Sporty Morty embodies "the constant variety of sport," as the old TV show opening used to say. He fishes for diamond necklaces.

  • Sir Sol Iloquy is performing "Macbeth" on television, using the original dagger.

  • A pair of familiar-looking red gloves steals the tiara right of the head of society matron Amanda Bartholomew.

  • Gluey Louie steals Benjamin Franklin's kite, and it's up to Batfink to get it back.

  • Hugo A-Go-Go creates a robot baby named Goo-Goo A-Go-Go and uses him to try to kill Batfink.

  • The circus comes to town -- but it's a circus of crime with the Ring-a-ding Brothers.

  • Hugo A-Go-Go is running a crime college on the outskirts of town and instructs his students to commit the most daring of all crimes.

  • Tornados have wreaked havoc on the city. They're great for sucking cash out of banks.

  • Hugo is on line at a factory with the other workers waiting to get paid, but he's up to no good.

  • Batfink steals a crown and scepter from a beauty pageant winner on live TV.

  • The world-famous burglar-proof museum of gold is protected on the outside by an impregnable fence of solid plutonium.

  • Hugo steals some top-secret plans with the aid of the Millisecond Photo Flash Temporary Blinding Ray Monocle.

  • Myron the Magician poses as a museum worker and steals the painting Whistler's Mother-in-Law.

  • Larry and Harry steal the famous Wombley Diamond. It accidentally ends up in a candy factory and is made into a candy bar.

  • Zee Zee Mama Hubbard finds her cupboard bare of all its jewels. The Chief calls Batfink on the hotline and tells him about the robbery.

  • At the harbor, ships are mysteriously sinking. It's the work of Hugo A-Go-Go and his submarine.

  • Hugo steals a priceless artifact with the aid of a tickle stick, which renders police helpless with kitchy-koo laughter.

  • Fatman has been systematically robbing fat men's clubs by posing as a fat clerk who steals the men's jewelry at each club.

  • Batfink and Karate are asked to stop Skinny Minnie, Boney Mahoney, Diet Wyatt and Scrawny Arnie.

  • Batfink and Karate must battle with robot knights created by Hugo A-Go-Go.

  • Batfink is the only one who can save the world from a giant meteor.

  • Batfink must try to retrieve a priceless Van Gogh painting that was stolen by Manhole Manny.

  • Hugo A-Go-Go is trying to make a fortune selling water after he stops all of the water running from Niagara Falls.

  • Big Ears Ernie has such good hearing that he can hear the clicks of the tumblers on safes and makes his living as a thief.

  • The Sonic Boomer flies his airplane through town, causing sonic booms that break all the windows.

  • Hugo A-Go-Go and Ebeneezer the Freezer join forces to try to take over the city by encasing its leaders in ice.

  • Hugo A-Go-Go is causing electrical disturbances throughout the city. Batfink is the only one brave enough to try to stop him.

  • Batfink and Karate are called in to find the famous Pink Pearl of Persia when it is stolen from a museum.

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