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  • 2011
  • 1 Season

Bear Sanctuary from Pure Nature is a captivating documentary series that explores the lives of bears in their natural habitats. The show provides insight into the struggles that these creatures face and showcases the unique efforts undertaken by dedicated conservationists to protect the species from harm.

The series takes viewers on a journey through the stunning landscapes of remote locations ranging from the North American forests to the rugged terrain of Russia. The camera work is breathtaking as the show captures the grandeur of the natural world and the beauty of bears in their element.

Throughout the series, we are introduced to people who have dedicated their lives to saving bears from extinction. From biologists to rangers and conservationists, the individuals on the show are inspiring in their commitment to helping these creatures thrive.

One of the most striking aspects of the show is its focus on family. For many bears, family is an essential part of their lives, and the show highlights the ways that they bond with their kin. Notably, the show captures various instances where bear families are reunited after being separated, a testament to the importance of familial bonds in these animals' lives.

While the show is incredibly engaging, it does not shy away from the challenges that these animals face in the wild. For instance, the show highlights the impact of climate change on bear habitats, leading to the animals' decline in some areas. Similarly, the show delves into the illegal trade in bear parts and the consequences on these animals' well-being.

One of the standout elements of Bear Sanctuary from Pure Nature is its educational value. The show provides detailed information on different bear species, their habits, and conservation efforts undertaken to protect them. The show also explains the importance of preserving the natural habitats of these animals to ensure their survival.

Moreover, the show highlights human-animal conflict and how conservationists are working towards finding innovative solutions to reduce conflict between bears and humans. The show also sheds light on how communities near bear habitats can benefit from the animals' presence through eco-tourism, an inspiring perspective on the potential for economic growth without compromising the environment.

Bear Sanctuary from Pure Nature is a visually enchanting series that reveals the wonders and complexities of the natural world. The series is packed with heart-wrenching stories of bears struggling to survive in the wild and the relentless efforts of conservationists to protect them. The show's stunning cinematography captures the beauty of bears while showing their vulnerability in the face of human activities.

Overall, Bear Sanctuary from Pure Nature is an excellent series for anyone interested in animal conservation, wildlife, or nature. The show is informative, thought-provoking, and inspiring in equal measure - highly recommended for wildlife enthusiasts and anyone who cares about the well-being of our planet.

Bear Sanctuary
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A New Life
7. A New Life
March 30, 2011
It's the big day for the Sanctuary's best known resident - Max. For years Max was kept chained to a railing near a restaurant for tourists to take photographs. A crack ophthalmology veterinary team from The UK have arrived to see how they can help.
Taste of the Wild
6. Taste of the Wild
March 23, 2011
The sanctuary team release the bears from the quarantine cages into the leafy new enclosures. Martinico's first taste of the outside world gives him a bit of a shock. Meanwhile Rudi, a four-month old cub must be cared for.
Hibernation Preparation
5. Hibernation Preparation
March 16, 2011
While the rescued bears are preparing for hibernation, the sanctuary workers are laboring to renovate their enclosures. New restrictions mean that until better security is in place, no more bears can be brought to the sanctuary.
Operation Critical
4. Operation Critical
March 9, 2011
High in the Carpathian Mountains the rescue team is on a mission to free a bear that has been kept captive in a monastery. The bear's owner has fought to keep the team away, but with a recent public outcry, the bear may finally see freedom.
Bear Attack
3. Bear Attack
March 2, 2011
For the sanctuary bears, wandering free with an infinite supply of food and water, life is good. But it's not the real wild, and a sanctuary - no matter how good - is no place to bring up cubs.
Building a Reserve
2. Building a Reserve
February 23, 2011
Looking at the bears behaving naturally in the sanctuary, it's hard to imagine where they've come from. They have all endured horrid conditions, but it was the plight of the two bears Christie and Lydia that inspired the formation of the Bear Sanctuary.
Saving the Brown Bears
1. Saving the Brown Bears
February 16, 2011
Deep in the Romanian countryside, the bear rescue team is traveling to a run down zoo. Having seen countless bears kept in horrendous conditions, these veteran conservationists are prepared for the worst.
  • Premiere Date
    February 16, 2011