Watch TV Shows on Pure Nature

All around the globe people are doing what they can to protect our wildlife, the Pure Nature Channel brings together these stories in one place. No form of life is excluded, you will find episodes about blood suckers and spiders as well as about elephants and Tarsiers.

There are the expected shows that include Living with Lions, Super Jellyfish, A Chimpanzee's Tale, and Wolverine X. These episodes get you close up to the animals through amazing footage.

Other shows on the Pure Nature Channel focus on the humans that are interacting with nature. The Buffalo Warrior is about a former poacher who is now a gamekeeper who bringing the Cape buffalo in Africa back from disaster. Jaguar Man is about the rain forest as seen through the eyes of an old witch doctor. Marc van Roosmalen is a biologist who professionally discovers and reclassifies species and is featured on Species Hunter. Animal Imitators is an episode about humans who copy animal behavior and even permanently alter their appearance to look like a specific animal.

There are episodes that focus on various locations like Yukon Adventure, Bali:Coral Reef Reborn, Ancient Steppes, Nomadic Lives, Whispers of the Horse, and Ghosts of the Cannibal Islands. Some shows focus on the violence in nature like the Deadly Summer and Deadly Dance Under the Sea.