Monkey Thieves

Produced by National Geographic, the series Monkey Thieves is a documentary about Rhesus Macaques living in the city of Jaipur, India. It follows the lives and exploits of a family of Macaques nicknamed the "Galta Gang," a troop of sixty who live in the Galta Temple just outside of the bustling city of Jaipur. They are lucky band of Macaques as the locals believe them to be Hanuman, or the personifications of Hindu Monkey God from the story of Ramayana.

The monkeys live, as it were, in the lap of luxury, but it is not so easy as it seems. They must defend their attractive lifestyle and group from other monkeys, Macaques and other types as well, as well as getting into mischief pursuing their curiosity and sometimes their insatiable appetites into the neighboring metropolis. They undergo power struggles and strife within their own group as well battles with others.

Pure Nature
1 Season, 13 Episodes
April 5, 2011
Monkey Thieves

Monkey Thieves Full Episode Guide

  • The Galta gang's temple home is under attack from all sides, and the city monkey catcher finally has reason to celebrate as his plan pays off. Gangol and Ragin think they have found paradise, but it comes at a heavy cost.

  • Upheaval among the leadership of Galta Temple sets the Galta Gang on edge. The monkey catcher launches his boldest plan to date--but his well made plans encounter more than one stumbling block.

  • For Bipin and his new buddies Gangol and Ragin, it's party time. Animal charity Help In Suffering hits its crisis point as it nears its full capacity. But growing storm winds could bring relief to all Jaipur's residents in the coming days.

  • Abandoned by his only friend, Bipin discovers it's lonely going solo. Princess Ezsha's leadership is challenged. As the terrible twins' rampage continues, their paths cross once again with the city monkey catcher.

  • Love is in the air as the Gangol marriage festival takes over Jaipur. Bipin and Tito risk getting up close and personal with the palace troop females, and Gangol and Ragin lead the rogue troop on a raid that sends everyone bananas.

  • In their quest for females, deserted duo Bipin and Tito find strength in numbers. The Galta gang face eviction as their neighbors push farther into the temple. And in order to capture the twins, the city monkey catcher employs a strange new weapon.

  • Gangol and Ragin's reign of terror continues, and Princess Ezsha finds herself struggling to control her troop. Meanwhile, on the verge of finding love, sparks fly for Bipin, Yash, and Tito as their lifelong friendship is tested.

  • Bachelor males Bipin, Yash, and Tito retreat from Shangri'la, only to enter an urban warzone. Princess Ezsha faces her day of reckoning at Gaulta temple, and desperation forces the city monkey catcher to go undercover.

  • A raid by Gangol and Ragin takes a turn for the worst. The still leaderless Galta Gang is on the verge of collapse. Bipin, Yash, and Tito stumble into paradise on their search for a home.

  • There's trouble at the temple as the Galta Gang's queen goes missing. Bipin, Yash, and Tito try their luck with the palace princesses. The terrible twins cook up a plan to rob a local baker.

  • The number of pilfering primates roaming Jaipur's city streets has hit an all-time high, leaving many residents torn between defending their homes and worshipping India's wild-living rhesus macaques.

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