Big Game

A group of people gather together in the jungles of Nepali so that they can play Elephant Polo. Instead of riding horses, they ride elephants. The animals are kept safe the entire time, but viewers will see how the animals are used in the game.

Pure Nature
1 Season, 13 Episodes
February 11, 2013
Animals, Documentary & Biography
Big Game

Big Game Full Episode Guide

  • Shaun and the Big Game team end the trapping season by helping a friend relocate some captive Zebras back into the wild. Emma goes on one last foray to help cure a pride of ill lions before the sickness spreads to their young.

  • A farmer calls the Big Game team in a panic because a Python has moved in on his chicken coup. He holds the snake off while he waits for Shaun and the others to come remove it, but will they make it before it has eaten all of the farmer's animals?

  • Heavy rains on a reserve have brought unwelcome guests: Crocodiles. Emma leaves the group to go work with a group of locals to remove these dangerous predators before they can do serious damage to the reserve's antelope population.

  • Emma splits off from the Big Game crew for a trip to Kenya, where she's tasked with saving a group of Hippos whose watering hole has dried up. But tricking these wary, dangerous animals into a trap will put all her skills and patience to the test.

  • When a group of elephants decide to stick to their domain through the dry season, the local farmers suffer the consequences. The Big Game crew teams up with the locals to move these giants without harming them, and bring them to a more fertile region.

  • A reserve on the border of Zimbabwe and South Africa has a surplus of giraffes, and Shaun, Emma, and the rest of the Big Game team are called in to wrangle these majestic creatures. But capturing giraffes is a more elegant dance than it at first appears.

  • Before the latest catch can be released in the enclosure, the current resident needs to be relocated.

  • Shaun heads to a reserve in the heart of South Africa to round up a group of Springbok.

  • Shaun and his team are presented with the opportunity to capture surplus wildebeest from a safari property in Karoo. These animals have to be moved to maintain the ecological balance of the safari, but harsh conditions turn this chase into a challenge.

  • The Big Game team goes into Zulu territory to hunt down elephants. With the goal of anesthetizing and collaring these massive animals so that their migratory patterns can be tracked, the hunters have their work cut out for them.

  • Shaun and the team are called to transport a group of Zebra and Impalas from a reserve. While these animals are some of the more common ones that the trappers deal with, a Zebra's kicks are still capable of breaking bones.

  • It's up to Shaun and his crack team of trappers to capture and relocate animals throughout South Africa so that the luscious ecosystem can be maintained. However, trapping game can be dangerous, especially when your target is a pride of lions.

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