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This series takes a look at animals in the wild and how they interact with each other. The show will see mother animals take care of their young and how these animals gather food. The viewer will also see some unlikely friendships between the animals.

Pure Nature
1 Season, 11 Episodes
June 17, 2014
Nature, Documentary & Biography
Cast: Mary Baker, Michael Huffman
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  • According to scientific research, more than 450 different types of animals engage in homosexual activity. This documentary - which has since become a cult film in the scientific community - gathers that research into one groundbreaking hour of film.

  • Everywhere in nature, spun threads cross and weave, creating many intersections where spinner insects and spiders can feel each other's vibrations. It's one incredible form of communication for the silent organisms of our planet.

  • The study of the most evolved primates, the chimpanzees and bonobos, has since enabled us to give a more precise definition of animal culture: habits acquired through a learning process leading to distinct traditions in different animal communities.

  • As children we learn more about life through playing games than we do in any other way. It is the ability to play that enables us to develop into well coordinated, adaptable, highly social individuals. For animals, play is no different.

  • Shaped by evolution, mutualism describes all long or short term exchanges and cooperation between animals to survive. It turns the traditional host-parasite relationship in a beneficial alliance for both partners.

  • Until recently, it was believed that the human tool was different from the animal tool which is neither transmitted nor accumulated. Several long-term studies on animal populations have proven quite the contrary.

  • Do animals have languages that we don't understand? Birds sing and lions roar but do these noises mean anything? From parrots to killer whales we find out who is saying what to whom and explore whether there is such a thing as animal language.

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