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Betsy is a little girl who goes to kindergarten. She has several friends in her class, though she also has her share of disagreements with other kids. Her life may seem simple compared to what her parents have to deal with at work, but she has her own very real struggles that are an important part of growing up. Other young children frequently face such similar struggles revolving around the school day as they are just getting used to going to school.

1 Season, 24 Episodes
May 15, 2010
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: Daveigh Chase, Vicki Lewis, Nancy Cartwright, Richard Steven Horvitz
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Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures Full Episode Guide

  • In Treasure Hunt, Betsy and her friends learn about directions of a map (North, South, East and West), and how to use a compass and nature to complete Mrs. O'Connor's exercise to find a treasure.In Betsy in Charge, Betsy and her friends get the chance to understand what it takes to run the school and come to realize how much work and responsibility goes into running the school and being an adult.

  • In Making Instruments, Betsy worries she won't be able to complete her music class assignment. She needs to make her own instrument in one week. During a day with her Dad at the zoo Betsy figures out the perfect creation for her instrument.In Dinosaur Dynasty, the class goes on a field trip to the Dinosaur Museum, and they learn about dinosaurs and about what a paleontologist does.

  • "Big and Little" - Betsy and her friends learn the difference between big and little. There is a funny mystery around Bus Driver Bob and his school bus."Computer Fun" - Mrs. O'Conner has a surprise for the class in the library. Computer stations have been set up for everyone! Betsy and her friends have fun learning the basic instructions on how to use a computer.

  • In Manners Please, Betsy and her friends learn about manners. The class also gets introduced to table manners as they surprise their parents with a parent's day tea party.In Mystery at Lakeshore Farms, Betsy's class learns about sorting and classifying. Mrs. O'Connor takes them on a field trip to Lakeshore Farms where Betsy and her friends solve a mystery by sorting and classifying.

  • "All Washed Up" - The class learns about personal hygiene and germs. Betsy gets a little carried away and learns its best to do everything in moderation."Space Rangers" - Learning about space is fun for the whole class. Mrs. O'Conner takes the class on a field trip to visit the planetarium.

  • "Homework Rules" - Betsy is anxious to get her new play-set but realizes that she needs to do her homework first. Understanding rules and why we have them was an important lesson for the whole class."Bread And Butterflies" - Mrs. O'Conner brings caterpillars into the class. It's fun for the whole class to watch, and learn how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly.

  • In Police Department, a police officer visits the class and explains what police do to keep the community safe. The class learns there are a lot of rules as well as different types of police jobs and responsibilities.In Visit From The Doctor, the doctor talks about what's important to say healthy. Throughout the day the class learns about different food groups and that living healthy is fun!

  • In Newton The New Kid, Betsy and friends learn that the best way to make a new friend is to be a friend, and that being willing to try something new is important.In A Colorful Encounter, the kids divide into groups for an art project involving primary colors. They discover that combining them makes new colors, just as by working together, they can make beautiful pictures.

  • "A Whole Lotta Air" - Betsy fears her brother has floated away when she and her friends play with helium-filled balloons."The Fire Department" - Betsy and friends continue to learn about the people in their community with the Fire Department. The class gets introduced how the Fire Department works and how important it is to their community.

  • In Lyrtle The Turtle, Betsy and friends learn about animals, and the first is a turtle. They learn a valuable lesson in responsibility and what it takes to care for pets.In The Great Gingerbread Man Mystery, Betsy and friends learn to develop an awareness of the world around them as well as development of their imaginations and the ability to recognize landmarks and locations.

  • In Tickets Please!, Betsy and friends put on a class carnival, planning a variety of games and activities. In Have You Got The Time?, Betsy and friends learn to use simple time measurement terms correctly while simultaneously learning to read clocks.

  • In Frisky Business, Betsy and friends develop basic skills to investigate and observe the world around them by identifying objects using sight, touch, taste, smell and sound. Betsy uses the "five senses" in her investigation to find the clues and solve a mystery.In Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Betsy and her friends learn how to use a calendar to understand the order of the days of the week.

  • "Borrowed Time" - Betsy and friends go to the school library. They learn about how the library works and the rules and regulations."Happy Earth Day" - The kids learn the causes and effects of pollution, and that even though it's a big problem, kids can help by picking up trash and recycling.

  • "Betsy Buys a Vowel" - Betsy and friends learn the importance of vowels and how to use them. Although some vowels may appear to be more important than others, everyone quickly discovers all the vowels are important." Follow Those Directions" - Betsy and friends learn the importance of following directions and its correlation to following the rules.

  • "The Spy Who Taught Me" - Betsy and friends learn that sometimes the people you love can't always be with you; they need to have some time to themselves."Show & Tell - Betsy and friends learn that sometimes the most interesting things come from inside of you, rather than stuff you posses. Imagination is a wonderful thing to have.

  • n Camping Out, Betsy invites friends over for a sleepover and a night of star-gazing turns out to be a bit scary. She faces her fears to discover there was no reason to be afraid. In The Tooth Chart, Betsy struggles with the thought of losing her first tooth. She and her classmates learn that losing teeth is a natural part of growing up.

  • In the Farm Yard Field Trip, Betsy and her friends learn how a real farm works. The class gets a health lesson on the importance of dairy products and vitamins they add to their diets, as well as a simple math lesson in addition and subtraction.In Betsy's Green Thumb, Betsy and her classmates learn how plants grow, and Betsy also learns a life lesson about believing in yourself.

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