Beyond Human

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As people become more intelligent and technology progresses at an exponential rate, the idea of artificial intelligence becomes more and more prominent. Robots open up a whole new dimension of ethics and questions about humanity's place in the universe. Can the progress of robots be stopped before they outstrip human capabilities, and what does their existence say about the human race as a whole?

1 Season, 9 Episodes
September 1, 2008
Documentary & Biography
Beyond Human

Beyond Human Full Episode Guide

  • To promote the rapid evolution of robots, one audacious group of researchers decided to start a worldwide robotic soccer competition. How soon before they challenge humans?

  • As robots begin to move among us, how will we regard them: as property like automobiles, or as individuals with rights and responsibilities? Can a thing be a person?

  • If tomorrow's robots are going to share our world, they will have to have something extra: an emotional and psychological dimension to help them communicate and respond in ways people can understand.

  • To build a humanoid that can function in our world is a bold challenge being taken up by isolated labs around the world. Researchers are infusing robots with abilities ranging from grasping to hearing and vision.

  • Imagine a day when machines walk among us, expressing thoughts, emotions, demanding their rights. Today, we are breathing intelligence, even life, into creatures of silicon and steel.

  • As we steadily merge with our technology, the focus is on devices that enhance our senses and minds and knit us together in new ways.

  • Science fiction has returned again and again to the merger of man and machine, the Cyborg, with fascination and fear.

  • Over the centuries, scientists speculated that we could tap into the body's electrical system to restore lost functions or enhance our powers, like machines.

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