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Don Wildman combs through the vaults of the world's most prestigious institutions to unearth extraordinary artifacts with captivating, revealing and shocking mysteries that challenge our beliefs and defy expectations. Beyond the Unknown is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (45 episodes). The series first aired on January 2, 2019.

Where do I stream Beyond the Unknown online? Beyond the Unknown is available for streaming on Travel Channel, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Beyond the Unknown on demand at Philo, Hulu, FuboTV, Sling online.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Travel Channel
3 Seasons, 45 Episodes
January 2, 2019
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Don Wildman, Steve Busti
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Beyond the Unknown Full Episode Guide

  • Don Wildman uncovers new clues in the hunt for Jack the Ripper, recounts a real-life ice maiden's miraculous fight to survive, and investigates history's deadliest Christmas gift.

  • Don Wildman investigates the mysterious disappearance of a millionaire aviator, reveals an unlikely hero aboard the Titanic, and solves the riddle of the pyramids.

  • Don Wildman investigates a mysterious invasion from outer space, recounts a harrowing tale of survival against the unbridled power of Mother Nature, and seeks out the truth behind a bizarre beast that terrorized a small town.

  • Don Wildman uncovers a Cold War cover-up in Canada, reveals how a television legend brought down a sinister spy ring, and investigates the death of George Washington.

  • Don Wildman investigates an otherworldly artifact that washed up on a South Carolina beach, unravels the predictions of a puzzling prognosticator and recounts the tale of a bizarre floating phantom who put a city on edge.

  • Don Wildman investigates one of the most credible UFO sightings of all time, recounts a haunting tale of possession and examines the peculiar case of "Miracle Mike," the headless chicken that defied biology.

  • The Bell Family claims that a witch plagues their property.

  • Don Wildman recounts a US president's close encounter with a UFO, investigates a strange signal from a missing airplane and reveals the incredible truth behind bizarre lines etched into the desert floor.

  • Don Wildman investigates an ominous warning from beyond the grave, uncovers a mammoth mystery that sprung from the desert floor and reveals the truth behind an incredible UFO sighting.

  • Don Wildman recounts a lifelong criminal's haunting demise, investigates a rare sighting of a legendary beast and examines a police cruiser that had an incredibly close encounter with a UFO.

  • Don Wildman investigates a convicted killer's revenge, examines a curious corpse and reveals Thomas Edison's most bizarre invention.

  • Don Wildman examines footage of a snake-like monster swimming down an Alaskan river, investigates a set of mysterious bones found under Benjamin Franklin's home and weathers a storm of biblical proportions.

  • Don Wildman investigates a real-life witch's curse, reveals the truth behind a message from Mars and recounts the tragic tale of a heartbroken ghost.

  • A building contractor sees a strange blue light shining through his window he finds himself face to face with an Unidentified Flying Object. He takes five clear photos of the craft.

  • Don Wildman investigates possible photographic evidence from the Roswell crash, a ghostly houseguest and a seductive dancer accused of spying for the German army during WWI.

  • Don Wildman investigates one of the most frightening UFO encounters of all time, a pair of handcuffs designed to trap the greatest magician in the world and an ancient murder mystery.

  • Don Wildman investigates a Texas woman's terrifying encounter with a UFO, the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of a princess and sightings of a strange half-man, half-rabbit creature.

  • Don Wildman investigates a mysterious plane crash near Area 51, a pilots terrifying encounter with a UFO and a shocking piece of evidence that could solve an age-old maritime mystery.

  • Don Wildman recounts a scientist's search for the long-lost city of Atlantis, investigates a bizarre animal attack that inspired one of the scariest movies of all time and inspects a set of cryptic instruments.

  • Looking into the truth behind the Loch Ness; the story of a vengeful lover who came back from the dead; and the Sleeping Prophet's resting place.

  • Don Wildman uncovers the gruesome secret beneath a bucolic Colorado park, examines the remains of a sinister beast that once stalked the woods of Maine and investigates whether a musical maestro was murdered.

  • Don Wildman recounts a tale of money; mastodons; and murder and reveals how a priceless ancient Egyptian artifact was almost lost at sea.

  • Don Wildman investigates a deadly pharaoh's curse and reveals the truth behind a secret operation to sell phony art to the Nazis.

  • Don Wildman investigates the greatest unsolved murder in American history, reveals a crucial piece of evidence in the hunt for Bigfoot and uncovers the true origins of the Bermuda Triangle.

  • Don Wildman uncovers the secret behind dozens of perfectly preserved mummies in Mexico, examines an intriguing piece of Yeti evidence and investigates the world's most-famous UFO conspiracy.

  • Don Wildman recounts the tragic tale of the most-infamous expedition in history, uncovers evidence suggesting that Harry Houdini was murdered and investigates a shapeshifting creature said to stalk a secluded ranch in Utah.

  • Don Wildman investigates a magnificent gem imbued with a deadly curse, uncovers a message that could've averted the Titanic's collision course with disaster and examines the mystery of the Jersey Devil.

  • Don Wildman reveals the shocking truth behind an insect-like monster, investigates a ghostly ship found adrift on the high seas.

  • Don Wildman recounts a ghostly visitation from a distinguished president, investigates reports of a monstrous sea creature with an insatiable appetite and examines the supposed final resting place of Noah's ark.

  • Don Wildman retraces the investigation of the "Crime of the Century," examines what appears to be a miniature human head from the jungles of South America and inspects the footprint of a lizard-like creature believed to roam the swamps of South Carolina.

  • Don Wildman unearths four dummy heads that helped three inmates escape from Alcatraz, examines the medical mystery that defined a famous pair of conjoined twins and investigates the attempted robbery of Abraham Lincoln's grave in Springfield, Illinois.