Big Bad World

A British comedy sitcom about Ben, a directionless young man who graduates from University and finds himself not quite ready for the harsh real world. Dealing with the financial realities of a depressed job market, Ben returns to live with his parents in his small seaside home town of Great Yarmouth. In no time at all he is once again hanging out with his old crew of slacker friends as though the past three years were a dream.

Comedy Central
1 Season, 8 Episodes
August 21, 2013
Cast: Blake Harrison, David Fynn, Seann Walsh, Rebecca Humphries

Big Bad World Full Episode Guide

  • Beth forces Ben to make a tough decision when she invites him to the Chugger of the Year awards ceremony in Norwich on the night of his date with Lucy. Sitcom, starring Blake Harrison. Last in the series.

  • Ben gets a promotion, to organise the monthly bring-and-buy sale at the pub.

  • Ben volunteers for medical testing to earn some extra money. Subcontractor, Eggman's band have a gig that he is convinced will be their big break.

  • Ben gets accused of sexual harassment by a man. Beth tries to improve on her chugging technique by flirting.

  • Oakley organises a days worth of excursions for his birthday, much to the dismay of the rest of the group.

  • In an attempt to win back his ex Lucy, Ben gets a job at his local pub. However it's a unpaid graduate scheme.

  • When returning to his home town of Great Yarmouth after finishing university, Ben finds his ex Lucy has a new boyfriend and that his bedroom has been destroyed by his parents.