Big Texas Heat

Big Texas Heat is a reality show that features the police force of Trinity, Texas. Trinity is a small east Texas town with a population of 2,697 and a very low crime rate. The show focuses on the whole departments love of law enforcement and the way that they amuse themselves during their shifts. They are all known for the practical jokes they pull on each other and their larger than life personalities. Big Texas Heat shows the daily occurrences of the officers when they are both on and off duty.

Big Texas Heat got its start by a discussion that Sergeant Wheeler was have with a friend. They were just discussing how funny everyone in the police department was and how much he enjoyed working there. His friend suggested that they make a short video of the everyday antics at the police station and send it in to CMT.

The show stars six of the officers and the chief's wife. Melanie and Chief Jones have six children together. When she is not voicing her opinion to the chief she is busy working in the hair salon she owns. Chief Steven Jones has been with the Trinity police force since 2008. When he is not at work, he is busy with his barbecuing team, Four Fat Guys and a Smoker. Chason is the only woman on the force and oversees the inmates. Quite often she is the brunt of the practical jokes.

Sergeant Randy Wheeler loves donuts and a good practical joke. When he is not at work, he is working on becoming a country songwriter. Officer Givens is affectionately known as Big Sexy around town. He is the Lead Community Officer and constantly worries about his appearance. Officer Morales is the newest on the force and is often ghost hunting around town. Officer Sikes is the all work, no play officer; so most times the force focuses their practical jokes on him.

Saturdays at 10:30 pm on CMT
1 Season, 5 Episodes
November 10, 2012
Crime, Reality
Cast: Steven Jones
Big Texas Heat

Big Texas Heat Full Episode Guide

  • The Chief brings in their former trainer, Jami, to fill in for the injured rookie, Morales, which makes the other officers nervous. A 10-year police vet, Jami still has to prove herself to the guys. Meanwhile, the rookie has a jazzy idea to keep patrolling in a wheelchair.

  • The Chief at the Trinity Police Department decides to bring in a trainer to get the officers into shape, but does he go too far when donuts are banned?

  • The arrogant rookie gets handcuffed and hazed during a comical officer training session. Meanwhile, Big Sexy is desperate to avoid the humiliation of being seen in the new police vehicle.

  • Fighting crime has never been funnier. Meet the donut-eating cops who keep the peace in the small town of Trinity, Texas. The officers attempt to track down Trinity's Most Wanted, and the chief gets in trouble at home after an encounter with an old female friend.