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This television series revolves around a unique salon called "Celebrity." The primary mission of the Celebrity is to grant women their once in a lifetime wish of becoming super beautiful. The series begins with each woman dreaming of such a beauty for many different reasons. Some women see themselves as being the beautiful person that they feel they are not while other women see being as beautiful as a means of gain while other women just want to be more beautiful than the women next door.

The problem is that beauty can have as many drawbacks as well as benefits. These are many lessons of life are part of the series. One of the most important lessons learned is that true beauty comes from within.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
December 18, 2009
Japanese Drama
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Biyou Shounen Celebrity Full Episode Guide

  • After a total loss to David, the beauty boys are disbanded by Saigoyama. However, upon seeing the sad faces of Midori and Aoi, David's victory is called into question. While playing old maid in the back room, Kei has a sudden realization. 'Can you do as I say?' Inspired by Kei's confidence, the boys agree to follow him. The beauty boys are reunited! This battle isn't over!

  • The difference in skill between the beauty boys and David was obvious. Faced with their loss against the perfect concierge David, the beauty boys are in a bind, and they lose their resolve. However, Kondo makes them realize they've been so caught up in the contest they haven't been understanding how Midori or Aoi feel. What is the true mission of Celebrity? What is beauty? The boys are ready for a rematch!

  • The uncanny man in black who suddenly appeared to "Celebrity," his name is David Shun Maruyama. He declares a 1 on 5 "beauty battle" against the beauty boys, under the condition where if he wins, the beauty boys have to break up. This time, twin sisters Midori (Anko Sato) and Aoi (Yoko Sato) Suzukawa are invited to "Celebrity". They look very much alike but their personalities are polar opposite. Will the beauty boys be able to lead them to the realm of true beauty, and win the battle?

  • This time "Celebrity" welcomes Shizuno Makimura (Yasuko Mori), a white haired old lady. She looks dark and gloomy, and seems to be losing her vigor to live. The beauty boys try their best to cheer her up, but just then Kei's scissor gets lost...

  • Of all things, Jun painted Aimi's nails pitch black and shut himself in his room. While Rui tries to persuade Jun, he also became exasperated, and they start to dispute loudly. Will Rui be able to open Jun's door? And what is the meaning of the white aster that connects them two?

  • The two brothers Rui and Jun are always very close. Rui especially was seemingly overprotective about his younger brother Jun. However, as Jun starts tending the egocentric Aimi Morisaki (Myuko Nishiyama), he begins to feel displeased by Rui... With this crisis, will the beauty boys be able to transform her beautifully?

  • Go is in charge of still a childlike girl Ako Horibe (Moe Miura). However, her selfish and impudent attitude angers Go, and they start to dispute. Her seemingly loving mother Sayuri (Aya Nakamura) seems to have some issues as well, and... Will the beauty boys be able to open up their hearts?

  • Naoko destroys her new hairstyle formed through Ryo's perfect calculation. Knowing that he had no fault, Ryo rejects to be in charge of her. Naoko insists that she wants "to shine once more as I get married!", but her impatience only seems to work against her will... After being denied of his work for the first time, will Ryo be able to truly shine Naoko as she desires?

  • With his perfect "formula of beauty," Ryo is in charge of Naoko Takamura, an elite career woman. She hopes to marry a rich man and quit her job. Just as she ordered, Ryo finished her hair perfectly in style. However, as she sees her new hairstyle, she abruptly worsens her temper...

  • After Kei cutting her hair drastically, Satomi stormed out of the salon. The next day, she returned with pictures she took with Saeko a long time ago. "You'd see from this picture, wouldn't you? I'm a loser. Even my first boyfriend was taken by Saeko!" Will Kei be able to awaken her true beauty, dispite her hatred toward her friend?

  • The "Celebrity" is the ultimate beauty salon one can visit only once in her lifetime. The guest the beauty boys welcomed was a twenty year old college student, Satomi Nakata, who lost herself into a total refusal of becoming beautiful. Will the beauty boys be able to transform her beautifully, out of her misery and loss of her self confidence?

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