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Black Blood Brothers is a Japanese Anime based on a successful series of light novels telling the story of vampires living in secret throughout Japan; the series was turned into an anime animation series by Studio Live and Group TAC. The 12 episode season of Black Blood Brothers was first aired in Japan in 2006 and has since been broadcast in North America and around the world. The characters in the anime remain the same as those created by Kohei Kusaka and illustrated by Yuuya Kusaka in the original light novels; the television series was directed by Hiroaki Yoshikawa. A complex story is told in the light novels of a war between different types of vampire and humans that has become known to the human world through the actions of the Kowloon King.

Black Blood Brothers tells the story of Jiro Mochikuzi a vampire of over 100 years of age, making him an old blood vampire and his brother Kotaro who are attempting to find the Special Zone. Following a war between two forms of vampire, the Kowloon Children and regular vampires a city known as the Special Zone was established in Japan to keep vampires in their own community. Joining a group of refugees Jiro and Kotaro attempt to find the Special Zone and avoid the attentions of the Suppression Team who attempt to stop any vampires entering the Special Zone illegaly and keep order inside the city.

As they attempt to find the city and find a way to live a normal life Jiro and Kotaro are drawn into the war between the Kowloon Children and other vampires. Unlike other vampires Kowloon Children feed on both humans and vampires and control the actions of the vampires they create. In order to maintain the status quo Jiro and Kotaro must determine which residents of the Special Zone are the illegal Kowloon Children and which vampires should remain in the city.

Black Blood Brothers is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on September 8, 2006.

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1 Season, 12 Episodes
September 8, 2006
Cast: Takahiro Sakurai, Omi Minami, Miyuki Sawashiro
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Black Blood Brothers Full Episode Guide

  • Healed and replenished by Mimiko's blood after his near disaster, the lingering resonance between Jiro and the Compromiser reveal many dark facets of his past, facts that affect the present and even the future.

  • Jiro Mochizuki and his little brother hide on board a freighter sailing toward the Special Zone. But they soon...

  • Jiro Mochizuki and his little brother hide on board a freighter sailing toward the Special Zone. But they soon...

  • Kotaro wanders lost through the city, but is rescued by Zelman Clock before any harm can come of it....

  • Jiro decides to flee the Special Zone with his brother.

  • With Mimiko's apartment destroyed, the Compromiser joins a conference between the Company and the leaders of...

  • A rogue attack on Jiro leads to an invitation to meet with Zelman Clock, leader of one of the three houses. He...

  • Jiro and Kotaro have finally made it into the Special Zone.

  • With great difficulty, Jiro is battling the Kowloon Children, only a few remaining. But worn out as he is, the...

  • The captured Jiro is interrogated by the Suppression Team, suspected of being a Kowloon Child.

  • Making their way to shore at long last, Jiro and Kotaro are unexpectedly rescued by Mimiko, a Compromiser.

  • Jiro Mochizuki and his little brother hide on board a freighter sailing toward the Special Zone. But they soon...