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The television series entitled Dog Days is about the life and challenges of a boy called Cinque Izumi. Izumi is a joyful young man who has a well built stature and known for his polite attitude by the people around him. He is very intelligent and studies at the Kinokawa International School. He lives a normal life such that he is either at home or in school.

The series starts when a mysterious Princess called Millhiore summons Izumi the main character of the series to a different world so that he can assist her protect her country. The Princess's country which is the Biscotti Republic is under attack by its nearest neighbor the powerful Kingdom of Galette. The inhabitants of Biscotti Republic are very similar to humans but the main difference is that they have tails like animals and also have very long animal-like ears. Princess Millhiore just like her fellow country men and women also has these animal features but she looks more like a dog.

Izumi accepts Princess Millhiore's appeal and goes to Biscotti with her. She gives him a sanctified weapon known as the palladion and also designates him as her country's Hero taking them to war. The war izumi is embarking on, is quite different from those fought on earth by humans which are usually organized with an army. This one has rules and regulations to be respected, no casualty is to be recorded, and the country that wins the war stands to gain a huge sum of money than the one that loses. Izumi wins the first war and tells the Princess he wants to return to Earth since he had accomplished his mission. To his greatest dismay the princess tells him based on the laws a hero like him can never return. However, the magicians help him return to Earth after sixteen days.

A few months later, the Princess summons him again and he takes Rebecca and Nanami with him. They get there and all become heroes for three different nations at a festival after which they return back to Earth.

Dog Days is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (39 episodes). The series first aired on August 4, 2008.

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3 Seasons, 39 Episodes
August 4, 2008
Cast: Mamoru Miyano, Ayana Taketatsu, Takehito Koyasu, Daisuke Ono
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Dog Days Full Episode Guide

  • I wanted to make your dream come true.

  • We need your songs to heal the Star Whale's sickness!

  • The Sky Priestess is revealed to be a fifty-foot tall giant. She explains that the Star Whale is sick and that only songs can cure it. Becky and Shinku head back to the surface to get the princess, while the rest of the group stays above to help fight the infection.

  • The heroes and rulers are suddenly visited by Sharl, who tells them that something has happened to the Star Whale, a massive, city-sized creature floating in the skysea above Flonyard. The heroes must venture up into the sky to find out what's going on, and save the day.

  • Adel tells the story of Clarify, the last princess of Pastillage, who brought her to Flonyard to fight the demons. She explains the origins of the demon king Valerie, and how the hero party saved the world from the demons.

  • Young Prince Leaf wants to visit the nations of Flonyard, and the heroes show him around. They go shopping in town, and have a fun practice fight in Galette. Leaf wants to hear the stories of the hero king, so they take him to see Adel and Valerie.

  • It's time for an arranged marriage exhibition, and Leo is looking to find a husband! To win the right to marry her, a suitor must defeat her in single combat. She defeats challenger after challenger, but one small figure in a cloak is the last fighter for the day...

  • The heroes and Biscotti are off to the crystal mountains for a research expedition! At the end of the day, they have a fun time at a hot springs resort.

  • With the threat passed, it's time to finally enjoy the vacation! The gang goes to Pastilage's castle, where Becky and Couver are enjoying a relaxing day. But a slime comes along and melts all their clothes!

  • The three armies must fight against the scourge of the demon plant, which threatens to destroy all of Eorzea. Only with the help of all three heroes, who have been given new powerful crystals, can they save the land

  • The Dragon's Forest is under attack by a mysterious demon. Its keeper, the Dragon Priestess Sharl, wants to solve the problem on her own, but Nanami and Shinku are eager to help!

  • Nanami, Becky, and Shinku are all going back to Flonyard for autumn vacation. But on the way there, Nanami and Shinku are struck by a lightning bolt and blown off course! They land in the Dragon's Forest, without their clothes or equipment, and with no idea how they're going to get home.

  • The Heroes go home and reminisce.

  • Wanting to get a gift for Rebecca, Couverte along with Rico and Noir descend into the vault underneath Castle Eschenbach. All the traps should be disabled in this ancient maze, right?

  • The Union Festival comes to a close, and Millihi and Sink take some time to relax at Yukikaze's house. But things take an unexpected turn when Millihi finds a strange crystal, and the three are engulfed in a blue fog...

  • One on one battles continue with Becky vs. Millihiore, Rebecca vs. Hina, and Sink vs. Gaul. A wild card appears to shake the battle up even more.

  • A new war between the nations is about to begin but Biscotti's Captain of the Imperial Guard is having problems that will lead Biscotti into ruin.

  • The festival is in danger due to the abilities of an unexpected guest.

  • A seal in a cave of monsters has been broken leaving the Heroes of old to call in the new generation.

  • Couverte and Sink have accidently released the Demon King from his sleep. Even with all the heroes powers combined he proves to be a formidable enemy. Only the Hero King can stop his rampage.

  • Highway Bandits are ruining the lives of the people in Ayase. Nana, Vert, and Jau head out to stop the bandits but meet a much more interesting character.

  • With the war games over each Princess has gone back to their respective kingdoms. Sink, along with friends, are spending their time training in counter-monster skills.

  • Rebecca has taken to the skies and Pastillage has official joined the war. Her skill as a mage and playing video games quickly turns the tide of the battle.

  • The current ruler of Pastillage is jealous of those competing in the war. After she catches a glimpse of Rebecca, she is determined to make her a Knight.