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Beyond the Boundary is a TV series which revolves around a high school sophomore named Akihito. Akihito by all appearances seems to be normal; however Akihito is not normal by any standard. The boy named Akihito is really half Youmu and he appears immune to any kind of wound or abrasion. Any wound or abrasion that he receives almost instantly heals.

One day Akihito rescues Mirai from a school rooftop. Apparently, Mirai was going to commit suicide by jumping from the roof but is saved. After Akihito saves Mirai from the rooftop odd things begin to happen in Aikhito's daily life.

Mirai has an odd ability which enables her to manipulate blood. At the time that Akihito rescued Mirai he was completely unaware of this unusual ability that she possesses. This could have a definite impact on the odd occurrences that began to take place shortly thereafter.

Beyond the Boundary is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on November 2, 2013.

Where do I stream Beyond the Boundary online? Beyond the Boundary is available for streaming on Anime Network, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Beyond the Boundary on demand at Vudu, The Roku Channel, iTunes online.

Anime Network
1 Season, 12 Episodes
November 2, 2013
Cast: Kenichiro Ohashi, Risa Taneda, Minori Chihara, Clint Bickham
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Beyond the Boundary Full Episode Guide

  • Now that Akihito and Mirai have been reunited, they must work together to defeat Beyond the Boundary's core. But what will happen to Mirai and Akihito once it has been defeated...? Will either of them survive?

  • The battle between Mirai and Beyond the Boundary rages on in a new dimension, while Akihito tries to figure out how to bring her back.

  • In a dream, Mirai informs Akihito of what happened during their battle and why it had to be this way. Then time jumps backwards to six months earlier. At long last, Mirai's motives and Izumi's plan are made clear!

  • According to Izumi, Akihito's youmu transformation could be permanent! She tells Mirai that she must kill Akihito during the Calm or else he will become a powerful youmu gifted with immortality. Mirai is torn by the decision she must make.

  • The Calm is coming. This is a dangerous time for youmu since it is when their powers grow weak. But what does that mean for the ultra-rare half-youmu, Akihito? And Miroku seems to be up to something. What does he have up his sleeve?

  • At long last, Sakura is ready to confront Mirai. Now Mirai must decide whether she will fight to live or die for atonement. What would Yui want for Sakura... and for Mirai?

  • Mirai goes after a perverted youmu with an eye for human girls. When it sprays Mitsuki with its stink juice, the Literary Club must band together to defeat the powerful--and horrendously stinky--youmu!

  • Mirai isn't allowed to hunt youmu for one month as punishment for going near the Hollow Shadow. Now she must get a part-time job to pay the bills. As Mirai comes out of her shell, perhaps she will heal the hearts of those around her...

  • The Hollow Shadow is drawing near. Akihito knows that Mirai wants to risk her life in a fight against the powerful youmu. The only way to stop her is to learn more about her past and confront her, but she�s been avoiding him...

  • Akihito helps Mirai defeat one of her very first youmu! He tries to use this as his chance to become closer, but instead Mirai seems to be pushing him away! Why won't his bespectacled beauty join the Literary Club?

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