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In this drama, a successful restaurateur returns to her childhood home in Nova Scotia to care for her sick mother. Her husband, a writer, comes along, and the couple decide to stay and build a new life in the maritime setting. The series aired on the CBC from 1996 to 1999.

Black Harbour is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on December 4, 1996.

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2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
December 4, 1996
Cast: Rebecca Jenkins, Geraint Wyn Davies
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Black Harbour Full Episode Guide

  • As the murder investigation drags on, Nick struggles to recover from more than just physical injury.

  • Nick and Tasha return to an explosion in the local feud, and Len is further entangled with Dan Christos.

  • Katherine and Paul are drawn together as Len's shady dealings hit closer to home.

  • Paul moves up to management as Len spirals down into the criminal underworld. Meanwhile, a lonely Anonda is puzzled by Aggie's strange behavior.

  • When the Duncan-Landry feud escalates, Tasha and Kyle's relationship is jeopardized.

  • A local protest over the future of the town's wharf catches Katherine in the crossfire. Meanwhile, Nick and Carolyn fight to save their movie.

  • A shipwreck shakes up the Hubbard boatyard, while Nick pitches a local story to his Hollywood producer.

  • A lingering local feud causes problems for Nick and Tasha.

  • An unexpected visit from Nick's parents stirs up old pain and unfinished business.

  • Len's mishandling of local politics threatens the family businesses and sparks a viscious fight with Katherine that's only diffused when something bigger takes over.

  • Katherine and Brenda fight tooth and nail to open their new restaurant. Meanwhile, Paul battles some demons of his own.

  • An unexpected visit from Nick throws the family into turmoil.

  • After eight months of silence from Nick, Katherine decides to get on with her life in Black Harbour.

  • When Nick gets an offer he won't refuse, the family's life in Black Harbour is irrevocably changed.

  • Katherine, Nick and Paul fall victim to a desperate former employee when a robbery attempt goes bad.

  • A business crisis pushes Katherine and Nick to consider uprooting the family and moving back to L.A.

  • Len's political involvement alienates his wife and threatens the boatyard. And a wealthy customer will only commission a boat if Nick and Katherine can lure Paul back.

  • The boatyard begins to fall down around Nick and Katherine, literally and figuratively. Meanwhile, Vicky's growing instability causes chaos for Paul and Michael.

  • Worlds collide when Hollywood comes to Black Harbour. A movie shoot tempts Nick back towards his old job and lures Vicky into the limelight, turning both of their lives upside down.

  • Len's pirate theme park preoccupies everyone, and Anonda gets lost-quite literally-in the shuffle.

  • The world comes crashing in on Black Harbour when Katherine and Nick discover hate literature in Tasha's hands.

  • The Hubbard family gets swept up in a tangled mystery of abandoned ships and errant bales of marijuana, while Frances copes with a change of doctors.

  • Katherine's caught between Los Angeles and Black Harbour when restaurant partner Lee Colwell turns up with a hot business proposal. And Vicky's suspicions about husband Paul and boat designer Gerri Sandrelli send her spinning out of control.

  • The boatyard is stretched beyond its capabilities when Nick lands a commission for a high-tech yacht. Meanwhile, Tasha tries to adjust to life at Black Harbour High and Anonda makes a mysterious new friend.

  • Katherine and Nick's maneuvers to buy the Hubbard boatyard create chaos, and 14-year-old daughter Tasha refuses to accept life in Black Harbour.

  • When family illness forces L.A. chef Katherine Hubbard and her director husband Nick Haskell to return to her home town of Black Harbour, Nova Scotia, emotional pressures threaten to blow their marriage apart.