Blood Sweat And T-Shirts

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Blood Sweat and T-shirts is a TV show that brings viewers into the underdeveloped world and to the locations where many luxury items and other important parts that Western world asks for are made. Six spoiled English youths travel to these locations where they not only experience what life is like for the locals but they also partake in the same jobs. These jobs are very often dangerous with hard labor that gives them little to nothing in the way of pay. This harsh reality that the youths find themselves show a different side of the world that is responsible for products that most of us generally take for granted.

Tuesdays at 9:00 pm on Planet Green
2 Seasons, 3 Episodes
February 1, 2010
Documentary & Biography
Blood Sweat And T-Shirts

Blood Sweat And T-Shirts Full Episode Guide

  • In Part 2 they travel to West Delhi to live and work alongside the migrant tailors of a backstreet workshop, entering a world where the workers can spend up to 15 hours a day at their sewing machines, earn as little as 15p a garment and must then sleep on the factory floor next to their fellow workers and their machines

  • Take a look at how our clothes are really made.