The action in this reality television series is centered on the community of Greensburg, which prides itself as the most environmentally friendly American town in the USA. All of the businesses in Greensburg involve products or services that are eco-friendly, and all of the construction for new buildings, from houses to the new school, are based on sustainable building practices designed to save energy. But Greensburg's residents are challenged when a tornado shakes up their world.

Planet Green
3 Seasons, 23 Episodes
June 15, 2008
Cast: Alanna Goodman

Greensburg Full Episode Guide

  • Over 95% of the city was destroyed by the tornado, but City Hall, hospital, churches, and a wind farm is complete.

  • Residents question restoration plans forThe Big Well, one of the last pieces of Greensburg's history that survived the storm. Taylor Schmidt returns home from college excited to see the changes that have been made in town.

  • Greensburg is starting to look more like a town since the reconstruction is being completed. However, many townspeople don't like the modern look of the buildings or their cost.

  • City administrator Steve Hewitt presents a plan to city officials to rebuild Greensburg as the world's first Eco-town.

  • The last trailers from FEMAville are removed forcing the Engelkens to move in with relatives until their home is completed. The founding members of the Green Club graduate from high school.

  • The Executive Director of GreenTown, Daniel Wallach, leads the groundbreaking of the first in a series of sustainably built homes. Named after one of the few structures left standing after the tornado, the "Silo Eco-Home" gets built before our eyes. The much anticipated rebuilding of Kerri and Doug Ulrich's home begins with help from Frito-Lay and SunChips volunteers. The SunChips Business Incubator completes construction, but City Administrator, Steve Hewitt, raises concern when businesses drop out. And with the construction of the Streetscape delayed because of bad weather, the grand opening of the SunChips Business Incubator is in question.The Greensburg residents gather in the newly rebuilt First Baptist Church for Easter Sunday. The Green Club Kids finish the bench they built from recycled tornado debris and reveal their gift to the city in front of the 5.4.7 Arts Center. Volunteers help clean up the remaining disaster areas. And BNIM City Planner, Stephen Hardy, returns to Greensburg to view the progress of the town that he helped design.The Greensburg residents gather to view a car drop from mid air on what is supposed to be the strongest ecologically built home in town, the "Silo Eco-Home." A paint store opens in the SunChips Business Incubator on the day of the grand opening, which proves to be a success.

  • As the Sun Chips Business Incubator nears completion Main Street is torn up to create a new streetscape. The Green Club Kids take photos around town to post on the Greensburg facebook fan site to display the comparison of Greensburg's past and present. Mayor Bob Dixson attends the President's address to Congress in Washington D.C. where Barack Obama cites Greensburg as an example to the country.Debbie and Farrell Allison move into their new rebuilt green home. Scott and Susan Reinecke are the first to move into the Business Incubator but with the grand opening only weeks away Main Street is a complete mess and there will be nowhere for customers to park. Seniors Shane Engelken, Taylor Smith and Charlsea Crotts, attend their last basketball game before graduation.

  • City Administrator Steve Hewitt gets a job offer from a nearby town and may leave Greensburg before the rebuilding is finished. The Green Club kids start welding tornado debris into a bench for the town. And the local grocery store is finally rebuilt.

  • Residents Erica and Gary Goodman prepare to restore the S.D. Robinett Building, the only surviving building on Main Street in Greensburg. The "Green Club" kids gather tornado debris for an art project. A young pastor, T.J. Lawson and his wife Julie move to Greensburg to join the green movement. After predicting Greensburg would become a ghost town after the tornado, the Mars family comes back and rebuilds.Construction on the Business Incubator continues. The town leaders travel to China to a city devastated by an earthquake to offer advice on how to build sustainable after a natural disaster. They attend a treaty signing ceremony in Beijing between the U.S. and China to form an eco-partnership. Back in Greensburg, the residents hit the streets for the Christmas Parade.

  • The people of Greensburg come together for the groundbreaking of a sustainable school while the building of the business incubator moves ahead. City Administrator, Steve Hewitt has high hopes that the opening of the incubator will help bring local business owners back to the town.The First Methodist Church opens and the residents of Greensburg attend service together for the first time in sixteen months. In the meantime, the rebuilding of the LEED certified John Deere dealership reaches completion. High school students Levi Smith and Taylor Schmidt decide to dress up for Halloween as the previous mayor, John Janssen and Steve Hewitt.Steve Hewitt travels to Washington D.C. to meet with the congressional committee to testify for the funding of green rebuilding. The Chevrolet Dealership has its grand opening and the Chevrolet Volt is introduced for the very first time. And with very few homes, the residents gather to celebrate Halloween on Main Street, truck or treat style.

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