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"Operation Wild" is a reality TV series about the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). This show reveals how these elite officers protect locals and animals in relation to their state's diverse ecosystems. Story lines revolve around in appropriate activity meant to harm nature.

In one episode, the FWC battle against poachers, individuals who hunt or catch game illegally. Viewers learn how and why these criminals hurt society. Also, they witness the dangers associated with catching them.

In general, "Operation Wild" gives onlookers a rare glimpse into a world otherwise not seen across the 50 states. It's police action, but in the wild. Each episode is fast-paced and full of memorable characters.

Operation Wild is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (16 episodes). The series first aired on January 15, 2010.

Where do I stream Operation Wild online? Operation Wild is available for streaming on Planet Green, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Operation Wild on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Google Play online.

Planet Green
2 Seasons, 16 Episodes
January 15, 2010
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Operation Wild Full Episode Guide

  • Officer Clinton Bean works the boat docks of a local lake to make sure that the hunters follow the rules and regulations of the alligator hunt.

  • Officer Klein goes on the biggest wild goose chase of her career.

  • Officer Jimmy Johnson gets the worst kind of call, a horrible jetksi accident involving a father and son. And the FWC implement an undercover sting operation in order to catch airboat tour captains fedding the local gator population.

  • Officer Matt Hopp finds himself on a call he has never been on before, capturing a non-indigenous 7-foot long monitor lizard.

  • Rookie Officer Tommy Van Trees comes across a suspicious boat floating in the water with no one on board. Officer Amy Buck races against time to save a beached whale.

  • Officer Eric Steinmetz provides field training to FWC rookie, Aja Vickers, who then must respond to his first call to retrieve a crocodile out of someone's backyard swimming pool and rookie Officer Tommy Van Trees responds to a rattlesnake call.

  • Officer Clinton Bean breaks out a robotic deer meant to ensnare potential off-season poachers. If anyone spots Robo-Deer and shoots, they earn a guaranteed trip to jail.

  • Officer Johnson embarks on an underwater chase and a search for evidence that could send the suspects straight to jail and Officer Dana Klein lets down her hair and goes undercover to catch a group of lobster poachers.

  • Officers witness the ramifications of the oil spill first-hand. Rookie Tommy Van Trees releases rescued baby sea turtles back into the wild and Officer Clinton Bean deals with watermen who illegally jump the official start date of the scallop season.

  • When an 8-foot long crocodile terrorizes a family and its pets, Officer Eric Steinmetz is dispatched to the scene. Meanwhile, Officer Clinton Bean must use his off-road driving and hunting experience to track down a missing woman.

  • Lt. David Bingham and his hunt enforcement team are on the look-out for Alligator poachers...and then they see a 10-foot alligator taken right in front of them, they have to figure things out.

  • FWC officers deal with many armed criminals. So when one of their own officers is shot and nearly killed out in the field, it puts everyone on high alert.

  • The annual Lobster Mini-Season opens up Florida's waters for a frenzied 48-hour period where tens of thousands of people put their lobster catching skills to the test and risk their lives for the ultimate prize.

  • Officer Bean comes face to-face with an animal he has only seen in the movies, a 900-pound Grizzly Bear!

  • Lt. Bingham catches a group of people feeding alligators, Officer Izsak must rescue a stranded couple and Officer Steinmetz uncovers an endangered species in need of urgent medical attention.

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