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Similar to the show Cops, viewers will see how officers who work on lakes and rivers deal with boaters. Some of the people they come across are drinking while operating boats, and there is one episode involving a standoff on the water.

Fridays at 8:00 pm et/pt on Planet Green
2 Seasons, 19 Episodes
July 2, 2010
Documentary & Biography

Coastwatch Full Episode Guide

  • A surprise raid on a crayfish seller reveals more than just black market fish. In Northland an M-Fish sting nets a group of poachers.

  • A fisherman lashed out as his boat gets seized, confrontation over paua in New Plymouth and a New Year's Eve dive goes terribly wrong.

  • Toxic chemicals threaten Poor Knights Island; dos assist the D-O-C on an unique mission

  • M-Fish conduct a two day operation aimed on cracking down recreational over fishing

  • M-Fish and the Navy combine to bust a poaching ring in the Chatham Islands and the Martime police respond to a mysterious sinking in the Hauraki Gulf.

  • M-Fish conduct a series of restaurant raids in Auckland. The Airforce launches a dangerous search and rescue mission in the middle of a cyclone.

  • M-Fish confront a group with thousands of illegal cockles.

  • A group of poachers are caught on a remote Northland beach; boat thieves are caught red-handed by the Maritime Police; officials respond to an SOS from an injured boater.

  • A fishing trawler runs aground on the Manukau Bar; M-Fish swoop on a poachingl paua ring and a showdown in Northland.

  • The Maritime police respond to information of a paua poaching ring.

  • M-Fish and the Martime Police combine forces to launch Operation Iris, a two-day crackdown on poaching hotspots.

  • An undercover operation busts a black marketeer. Then the police respond to a tragic accident.

  • M-Fish officers bust an illegal fishing operation that leads to a midnight confrontation on the Hauraki Gulf.

  • M-Fish respond to a tip-off about poachers and the Maritime Police respond to a distress call on the Hauraki Gulf.

  • Martime Police race to capture a stowaway. M. Fish officer Gary McAneny conducts random inspections of commercial vessels at Onehunga wharf.

  • M-Fish officers face confrontation near Gisborne; head to the skies to look for rogue trawlers and later come to the rescue on 90 Mile Beach.

  • M-Fish officers launch a covert surveillance operation to bust Paua poachers. Maritime Police make an overdue arrest.

  • M-Fish officers are on the look out for crayfish poachers. Maritime Police transport an unruly prisoner.

  • The M-Fish officers launch a covert operation to crack down on paua poachers. Maritime Police search for missing weapons onboard a vessel.