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Blue Gender is an anime, or Japanese animation, television series. It follows the story of the main character, Yuji Kaido. As a young man in 2009, Yuji was diagnosed with a life threatening disease. Doctors could not cure him with their current medical knowledge, so the decision was made to put Yuji into suspended animation. Yuji, and other people like him, would be held in suspended animation until a cure could be found.

Unfortunately, while Yuji is unconscious, the world changes around him. The planet has been overrun with a terrible life form called the Blue. The Blue are like huge, vicious insects. There emergence has crushed the way of life Yuji knew. Now, the world is a very dangerous place. Those who are fighting the Blue live in a space station. They come back to earth only to fight the Blue and collect sleepers like Yuji. These resistance fighters use huge robot suits in order to stand up to the Blue.

When he wakes from his sleep, Yuji meets Marlene, a young woman who is a resistance fighter. The two begin working together in order to make it back to the safety of the space station. As they fight together, facing danger every day, Yuji and Marlene become closer. Soon they realize that the only people they can trust are each other.

In addition, Yuji learns more about what happened to the planet. He uncovers the story of how the Blue came to be, and how he is intricately tied to what happened to the planet. Overtime, Yuji realizes that he must learn to fight if he wants to survive and protect the people that he cares about.

1 Season, 26 Episodes
August 4, 2003
Anime, Science Fiction
Cast: Tomohisa Asô, Laura Bailey, Houko Kuwashima, Kenji Nojima
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Blue Gender Full Episode Guide

  • Yuji prepares to fight the last Blue and find the answers to all that has happened.

  • Satellite photos show a massive move of the Blue in South America but upon landing on Earth it becomes clear that the Blue have actually disappeared.

  • As the survivors of Second Earth try to rebuild after Tony's attack Seno makes plans for a new way of life.

  • After beating impossible odds Marlene and Yuji make it to the control room. Now with Tony standing in their path they face their hardest fight yet.

  • Yuji and Marlene gain entry to the now Blue infested station with their objective to kill Tony.

  • Marlene and Yuji head back to Second Earth with Tony in the full grip of the Blue cells.

  • As the second Sleeper attack continues to fail Marlene rushes headlong into the fight.

  • Seno tells Marlene the truth about Yuji's behavior and the hyperactive Blue cells that are invading his brain.

  • Yuji's behavior becomes more disturbing as he descends into a cold blooded killing machine.

  • A large attack force is sent to the Earth as the first wave in an attempt to retake the planet from the Blue. During the attack Yuji is left in shock after Tony destroys a Blue nest by himself.

  • Yuji is put into an intensive combat training program and meets his squad-mates. Members of the newly formed sleeper brigade.

  • After a failed attempt to free Yuji from the laboratory he's being held in. Marlene must once again face an inquiry into her actions but this time she has Yuji by her side.

  • When Yuji disappears from his quarters Marlene takes it upon herself to find him. With the station on full alert Marlene must find the man who'll most likely know where Yuji is hiding.

  • Yuji is rushed to intensive care after the surprise attack of a sleeping blue aboard the shuttle.

  • Just as it appears that the launch will finally happen without further problems A mad soldier high-jacks the escape ship in an attempt to kidnap a woman he's obsessed with.

  • Marlene, Dice, and Yuji are reunited at the nomad camp. Marlene wants Yuji to continue the quest for Second Earth but he refuses.

  • Yuji is separated from Dice and Marlene during a sandstorm. He is rescued by a group of Nomads and begins to think a normal life may be possible.

  • Yuji and Marlene meet Dice while still struggling to reach the space station. A rough and tumble ex-soldier who gave up the futility of fighting the Blue.

  • Yuji and Marlene head toward the space station but along the way their tempers start to flare.

  • The team must contact Second Earth and with the Blue moving in on their position. Only one choice is left and that is to use the humans as a diversion.

  • Yuji breaks orders from Marlene to save a little girl whom he promises to protect. He follows her back to her home and finds more survivors of the Blue.

  • Tired of feeling like a man without purpose Yuji demands to be taught how to fight.

  • Yuji learns the truth about the Blue and the nightmare the world has become while he slept.

  • The time is the year 2031 and humans have been replaced by the Blue. Yuji Kaido awakens to this world after 22 years and his only hope to stay alive is the Sleeper Recovery Team.

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