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"Brain Fitness" is a television show that demonstrates new findings and theories about mental health. New research is viewed and shown to the viewers to present very interesting and exciting new discoveries about the human brain. "Brain Fitness" uses narration from professionals in fields relating to mental health who will guide the audience to new teachings and understandings of how the brain functions.

Brain Fitness is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (4 episodes). The series first aired on December 15, 2007.

Where do I stream Brain Fitness online? Brain Fitness is available for streaming on PBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Brain Fitness on demand at iTunes online.

1 Season, 4 Episodes
December 15, 2007
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Peter Coyote
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Brain Fitness Full Episode Guide

  • Dr. Michael Merzenich, PhD demonstrates how experts in various fields (a flutist, a baseball player, and a simultaneous translator) improve their neurological abilities through sustained, continuous, intense practice of their respective skill set and how such consequential neurological findings in experts compare to the average individual.

  • This program illustrates how ordinary people are using their brain plasticity to create lasting and astonishing changes. Neuroscience research is proving that neuroplasticity holds the key to previously unimaginable and amazing transformations. The third program of the Brain Fitness trilogy takes viewers into the labs of the scientists and the lives of those who have been assisted and changed through cognitive training.

  • This program, specifically designed to help people get the most from their vision and hearing as they age, considers how these senses change throughout life and what people can do to keep them healthy and fully functional.

  • The Brain Fitness Program is based on the brain's ability to change and adapt, even rewire itself. In the past two years, a team of scientists has developed computer-based stimulus sets that drive beneficial chemical, physical and functional changes in the brain. Dr. Michael Merzenich of the University of California and his colleagues share their scientifically based set of brain exercises in this life-altering program. Peter Coyote narrates.