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Bromance, originally aired on MTV, is a show about a guy looking for a new best friend, the kind of friend that's like your brother but has his own Mom so don't have to share yours. Bromance starred Brody Jenner and featured nine men asking for the opportunity to compete to be Brody's new best friend. The winner would also recieve a free year in a penthouse in downtown Los Angles and a new Scion to drive.

The winner would have to pass a lie detector test. They were then judged on how they acted on many different activities they shared with Brody as a group.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on MTV
1 Season, 19 Episodes
December 29, 2008
Cast: Ashley Danielle Fareas, Brody Jenner, Femi Borisade, Frankie Delgado
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Bromance Full Episode Guide

  • This special episode takes us through the highlights of Zi Feng and Ya Nuo's relationship from the sworn brotherhood, the awkward misunderstandings to falling in love to the decision to spend the rest of their lives together. Plus a look behind the scenes to see the charming stars in action!

  • In the series finale, Zi Feng proposals to Ya Nuo the night before her birthday and before she reveals her true self to him, will he accept her or leave her at the altar?

  • Despite his injury, Zhe Rui finds it in his heart to forgive Zi Feng, while he looks to get revenge. Qing Yang commits to nursing Na Na to recovery.

  • Na Na prepares for her operation while keeping it a secret from Qing Yang. The mystery cufflink leads to Han Sheng, only to have him set a trap for Zi Feng.

  • Ya Nuo and Zi Feng get romantic and his family starts to accept their relationship in time for the parents' 30th Anniversary. Zhu finds a clue that may lead to the reason for his disappearance.

  • As Ya Nuo and Zi Feng become a couple, Ya Nuo discovers evidence that Han Sheng bullied Zhe Rui into betraying them. Qing Yang learns about Na Na's condition. The stolen hot dog van is recovered, but it might be a trap.

  • Na Na and Uncle Tian bond as father and daughter, only to get some devastating news. Zi Feng reveals to his family that his father has returned, but when Han Sheng finds out, he plans a deadly solution.

  • Ya Nuo confronts Zhe Rui about his betrayal. Na Na and Qing get close as she reveals why she wants the NT $20 million.

  • After misplacing his keys, Zi Feng stays with Ya Nuo. They try everything they can to help Mr. Du regain his memory, but end up closer than ever before.

  • Ya Nuo meets Zi Feng, acting as her own twin sister. Dr. Chu reveals he knows Ya Nuo's secret. A family reunion doesn't go as expected.

  • A tabloid makes implications about Zi Feng and Ya Nuo's relationship, but it only brings them closer. Zi Feng comes up with a proposition to bring Na Na and Uncle Tian together.

  • Zi Feng and Ya Nuo meet with a rival gangster who's been monitoring them. Na Na's relationship with Uncle Tian is revealed. Zi Feng prepares a confession until he overhears Ya Nuo.

  • After visiting Femi and Luke's hometowns, Brody must decide which bro will become the other half of his Bromantic duo.

  • Brody launches a line of jeans to see which guys will be real with him, and the bros spend time with a Playboy playmate.

  • Brody takes the bros on an unforgettable camping trip, where emotions and pranks run rampant.

  • Brody puts the bros to the test with a dating game show hosted by Lauren Conrad, and later, challenges them to a showcase showdown!

  • Brody tests the contestant's physical strength with a Bro-Athalon, then brings out their emotional sides with fire-side heart-to-hearts.

  • From lingerie parties to luxury penthouses in LA, Brody Jenner has it all, and he's about to share a slice of it with his nine potential bros.

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