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Bromance, originally aired on MTV, is a show about a guy looking for a new best friend, the kind of friend that's like your brother but has his own Mom so don't have to share yours. Bromance starred Brody Jenner and featured nine men asking for the opportunity to compete to be Brody's new best friend. The winner would also recieve a free year in a penthouse in downtown Los Angles and a new Scion to drive.

The winner would have to pass a lie detector test. They were then judged on how they acted on many different activities they shared with Brody as a group.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on MTV
1 Season, 6 Episodes
December 29, 2008
Cast: Ashley Danielle Fareas, Brody Jenner, Femi Borisade, Frankie Delgado
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Bromance Full Episode Guide

  • After visiting Femi and Luke's hometowns, Brody must decide which bro will become the other half of his Bromantic duo.

  • Brody launches a line of jeans to see which guys will be real with him, and the bros spend time with a Playboy playmate.

  • Brody takes the bros on an unforgettable camping trip, where emotions and pranks run rampant.

  • Brody puts the bros to the test with a dating game show hosted by Lauren Conrad, and later, challenges them to a showcase showdown!

  • Brody tests the contestant's physical strength with a Bro-Athalon, then brings out their emotional sides with fire-side heart-to-hearts.

  • From lingerie parties to luxury penthouses in LA, Brody Jenner has it all, and he's about to share a slice of it with his nine potential bros.

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