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This show focuses on Michael Weston, a spy, who has become persona non grata. This means the agency will not help him any more and may even try to kill him. Since spying is the only profession Michael knows and the fact that his contacts all act as if he does not exists, he survives by doing odd jobs for other disenfranchised people getting them out of sticky situations. He does this with help of old trusted FBI friend Sam plus his ex-girlfriend Fiona.

1 Season, 6 Episodes
September 20, 2007
Drama, Crime
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Burn Notice Six-Packs Full Episode Guide

  • In the explosive season finale, Michael learns some surprising facts about Victor's past, and is forced to take on Carla in a final showdown.

  • Jason Bly, a federal agent who has a knack for giving Michael trouble, returns to Miami to force Michael to hand over some blackmail materials. When they get trapped in a bank robbery together, however, the two enemies must work together to survive.

  • To find the location of a client's captive sister, Michael must pose as a friendly cellmate to a human smuggler.

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