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  • 2013
  • 5 Seasons

Cabela's American Archer is a thrilling TV show that is broadcasted on the Outdoor Channel. The series revolves around hunting and archery which is a perfect fit for those who love to spend time outdoors and are enthusiasts of archery. The show follows a group of passionate archers who embark on various exciting hunting expeditions across America. Whether it's exploring the vast forests of the Midwest, the mountains of the west, or the rugged terrain of the south, this team leaves no stone unturned in their quest for the ultimate hunting experience.

The series is hosted by Tom Nelson, who is a seasoned archer and a renowned hunting expert. He is joined by a team of experienced archers who are always up for new challenges and adventures. The group comprises some of the most accomplished archers in the United States, including Braden Gellenthien, Levi Morgan, Tim Wells, and Chris Bracket. These archers are not only skilled at hunting but also specialize in local hunting techniques and have an impressive track record of successful hunting expeditions.

The show takes viewers on a journey as the team explores different terrains and uses their expertise to hunt different prey, including deer, elk, and bears. The show's episodes offer a unique blend of information, entertainment, and suspense, which adds to the appeal of the show. The hunts are thrilling, and the archers' skills are impressive, making it an excellent show for any hunting enthusiast.

Besides the actual hunting, the team often shares tips and tricks to make hunting a successful event. Viewers can learn about the most effective hunting tools, such as bows, arrows, and other accessories, to improve their hunting skills. The archers also provide advice on hunting techniques and how to approach different wild animals.

Additionally, the show has a fantastic cinematography and production style that is sure to keep viewers engaged throughout each episode. The filming is done beautifully, giving the audience a up-close, fascinating look at the hunters on their quests. The series manages to capture the thrill of the hunt, high-level skills of the archers, and the natural beauty of the different environments. The show's production team makes sure the episodes are visually appealing, and the music score enhances the overall entertainment value.

One of the significant advantages of the show is its focus on conservation and ethical hunting. The team takes their hunting seriously and adheres to strict hunting regulations in every state they visit. They promote the conservation of wildlife and habitat, and viewers can learn about the importance of hunting in maintaining a healthy, robust ecosystem.

The show has an excellent reputation among hunters and non-hunters alike, thanks to its gripping episodes, educational value, and outstanding production qualities. It's no surprise that it has a broad viewership, and hunting enthusiasts look forward to each episode eagerly.

In conclusion, Cabela's American Archer is an addictive show that delivers an action-packed, educational, and entertaining experience. It does an excellent job of showcasing the art of archery and hunting while promoting ethical hunting and environmental conservation. Viewers can expect to be taken on a wild journey across the United States and watch as the team takes on some of the most challenging hunts. With fascinating insights and stunning visuals, the series caters to all enthusiasts who appreciate outdoor activities and value the hunting spirit.

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Northern Lights
15. Northern Lights
August 15, 2017
Tom Nelson hunts whitetails in Saskatchewan with Rob Nye.
A Day with the Coach
14. A Day with the Coach
August 8, 2017
Tom Nelson and Mike Lifford correct and critique Tom's shooting style.
Talking Turkey
13. Talking Turkey
August 1, 2017
Team members Casey Christman, Bob McCartney and Matt Sheterom hunt turkey from three different states.
Life's an Adventure
12. Life's an Adventure
July 25, 2017
Tom Nelson and team member Adam Eller hunt black bears with Rob Nye in a camp in Saskatchewan.
Once in a Lifetime
11. Once in a Lifetime
July 18, 2017
Team member Matt Sheterom draws a once-in-a-lifetime elk tag in New Mexico.
Early Season Animals
10. Early Season Animals
July 11, 2017
Ron Maguire hunts for Antelope in Wyoming; Casey Christman hunts for early season Whitetail in Kentucky.
Muskeg Country
9. Muskeg Country
July 4, 2017
Tom Nelson hunts with Muskeg Country Outfitters for a trophy Black Bear.
Ron's Western Swing
8. Ron's Western Swing
June 27, 2017
Team member Ron Maguire hunts antelope and mule deer in South Dakota.
Eight Is Enough
7. Eight Is Enough
March 21, 2017
Summary not available
What About Bob?
6. What About Bob?
February 21, 2017
Summary not available
Barnes Keith Bucks - Part 2
5. Barnes Keith Bucks - Part 2
February 14, 2017
Summary not available
Barnes Keith Bucks - Part 1
4. Barnes Keith Bucks - Part 1
February 7, 2017
Summary not available
Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose
3. Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose
January 31, 2017
Summary not available
Chocolate: Flavor of the Month
2. Chocolate: Flavor of the Month
January 17, 2017
Summary not available
Covered Up in Manitoba
1. Covered Up in Manitoba
January 10, 2017
Summary not available
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    November 1, 2013