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UK supermarionation puppet pioneer Gerry Anderson is best known for his Thunderbirds series. However, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons is probably his most innovative and imaginative concept. Spectrum, a global crime fighting organization with their own fleet of pilots, field operatives and land, sea and aircraft, are in the process of defending Earth from the Mysterons, an alien race with power to take over human bodies.

2 Seasons, 45 Episodes
September 29, 1967
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Captain Scarlet Full Episode Guide

  • Black claims to have escaped the Mysterons' control, urging Scarlet to join him on a mission to obliterate the Mysterons' Martian city and end the war.

  • Scarlet and Blue pursue a Phoenix policeman whom the Mysterons have used to steal lethal spores, but the trail goes cold when he is supplanted by a member of a bike gang.

  • The Mysterons use a gaseous substance to form an identical copy of Scarlet, which then returns to Cloudbase with deadly intent...

  • Scarlet discovers a plot by Captain Black to steal a Bison, with which he can attack any Spectrum installation at will.

  • Searching for a stolen Russian tank in Alaska, Scarlet and Blue are captured and forced to dig for a meteorite that holds the power to end life on Earth.

  • Destiny, Harmony and Melody are stranded on a tropical island - but the idyll turns sour when they are pursued by replicant pirates...

  • Vulcan Industries has sent a maintenance team to Mars, and Scarlet and the Spectrum agents investigate when contact with the team is lost.

  • The Mysterons attempt to seize a new stealth warship. Scarlet, White and Green are on board, and now find themselves trapped by its automated systems.

  • The designer of a powerful new bomb is killed and turned into a Mysteron replicant; Spectrum turns to his twin brother, a convicted criminal, to try to communicate with him.

  • In Russia's Far North, Captain Black acquires an experimental limpet mine. Scarlet pursues him, but both find themselves trapped in a Rhino beneath the Arctic ice.

  • The Angels are unable to intercept a Mysteron spaceship, which lands in Australia's Northern Territory. Scarlet, Blue, Ochre and Gray investigate, but soon become helpless captives.

  • A virus infects Skybase computers, causing those afflicted to take their own lives. Can Scarlet and Destiny erase it before they too fall victim?

  • Two scientists are turned into Mysteron replicants with the power to kill with a single touch. Scarlet and Blue must locate them before they put a deadly plan into action.

  • The Mysterons threaten to destroy the Triumvirate of Europe, the three most powerful men on Earth after the World President. The three are sent to separate maximum security installations, but Mysteronised electronics expert Professor Carney is determined to assassinate each in turn.

  • When the Mysterons threaten to destroy President Roberts within twelve hours, Scarlet is assigned as bodyguard to the sceptical President. But when 11 hours pass without incident, Scarlet begins to suspect that he is guarding the wrong target!

  • A drugged Captain Blue awakes to find himself under interrogation on Cloudbase. He has apparently been missing for three months and must now prove his identity to Intelligence agent Colgan by revealing Spectrum's top secret cypher codes. But Blue has his own ideas about how to prove who he is without breaching security...

  • A lorry carrying an atomic core reactor to the new Manicougan power complex falls into the hands of the Mysterons who intend to strike the Atlantic Seaboard of North America. Spectrum begins a search for the missing lorry but Captain Black sends Scarlet and Blue on a wild goose chase..

  • The Mysterons threaten to destroy the de-salination plant at Najama in the Andes, so Scarlet and Blue are sent to observe the plant from an Aztec temple that overlooks it. But a Mysteronised SKR4 recovery craft packed with high explosives is hurtling towards Earth with the temple as its target.

  • After the Mysterons threaten Spectrum's Cloudbase headquarters, a large fast-moving trace appears on the radar. When Rhapsody is dispatched to check it out, her Interceptor is shot out of the sky and she is killed instantly. There is only one explanation: the Mysterons themselves have come to Earth.

  • Tritonium alloy mining operations at Hotspot Tower in the North Pole are threatened when a Mysteron agent cuts the power to vital heating elements. Scarlet and Blue realise that with the heating elements down, the ice cap that surrounds the base will crush it in less than 30 minutes.

  • When the Mysterons threaten to destroy the World Navy Complex at Atlantica, Blue and Ochre fly a V17 Air Force bomber to destroy a wreck that has been sighted drifting towards the base. But the pair have been drugged by tainted champagne and passed false orders by Captain Black...

  • When the Mysterons threaten to sabotage a vital conference at Lake Toma in Switzerland, Scarlet and Blue are assigned to escort the world's leading astrophysicist, Dr. Conrad, to Geneva. The trio board their plane at Novena Airport, unaware that Flight 104 to Geneva is under Mysteron control...

  • Captain Black engineers the death of chief test pilot Major Gravener, who is retrometabolised as a Mysteron agent as part of the Mysterons' plan to destroy the World Capital, Futura City. But a pair of doctors manage to resuscitate the real Major Gravener and Spectrum realises that he can impersonate his Mysteron double.

  • The Mysterons threaten to obliterate North America, but Spectrum is left without its number one agent when Scarlet is dismissed for gambling offences. He is approached by a pair of Mysteron agents who intend to destroy Nuclear City using an SPV supplied by Scarlet, but first he must prove his loyalty by killing Blue!

  • Following the latest Mysteron threat, Scarlet is dispatched to supervise security at the International Air Conference at Glen Garry Castle. Discovering a plot to gun down the delegates, he is captured and thrown in the castle dungeons...

  • The Mysterons target fashion designer Andre Verdain, secret controller of the European Area Intelligence Service. Suspecting that the attempt on Verdain's life will be made at a fashion show in Monte Carlo, Colonel White assigns Destiny and Symphony Angels to go under cover - as fashion models.

  • Mysteron agent Judith Chapman steals a phial of deadly K14 virus - enough to kill ten million people - from Biological Research Station D near Manchester. Scarlet and Blue trail Chapman to New York, realising that she intends to carry out the Mysterons' threat to destroy the Place of the Angels.

  • Scarlet, Blue and Green volunteer for a dangerous mission to remove the power source of the Mysteron complex in Crater 101 before it is destroyed by a low yield atomic device. Travelling to the Moon, they enter the strange complex, unaware that a Mysteron agent has set the atomic device to detonate early.

  • After the inexplicable malfunction of a hovercraft at the Spectrum cadet school at Koala Base, Scarlet and Blue investigate the possibility of sabotage from within. The Mysterons have warned of a traitor in the Spectrum organisation and soon Scarlet has become the prime suspect.

  • When the Mysterons threaten to immobilise the whole of Spectrum, Scarlet and Blue are sent to the Spectrum oil refinery at Bensheba. Mysteron tampering turns Rig 15 into an inferno and fire control expert Jason Smith becomes a target for the Mysterons' powers of retrometabolism...

  • Using the Mysteron pulsator recovered from the complex in Crater 101, Dr Kurnitz has developed a transmission device with which Colonel White attempts to contact the Mysterons and sue for peace. The Mysterons arrange a rendezvous in Greenland for peace talks, but Scarlet suspects a trap...

  • As the Mysterons threaten to destroy the "Heart of New York", Scarlet and Blue investigate the theft of Grade A Security documents from the Spectrum security vaults. The trio of thieves learn of Spectrum?s war with the Mysterons and decide to fake their own deaths to effect a daring robbery...

  • When the Lunar Controller announces the Moon's independence from Earth in the war of nerves with the Mysterons, Scarlet, Blue and Green journey to Lunarville 7 to investigate reports of an unauthorised complex under construction in the Humboldt Sea. They discover more than they bargained for...

  • Astronomers at K14 Observatory are monitoring signals from a hidden satellite that has made a successful landing on the Martian moon Phobos. The satellite will transmit close up pictures of Mars back to Earth, but the project is sabotaged when one of the astronomers becomes a Mysteron agent...

  • When the Mysterons threaten to destroy key links in the Frost Line Outer Space Defence System, Scarlet and Green investigate the mysterious deaths of the personnel at Red Deer Base. The pair are baffled: radiation and toxicity levels read negative and there appears to be no reason for the deaths of the men...

  • When the Mysterons threaten to kill one of the Angels, Scarlet and Blue are sent to Paris to escort Destiny back to Cloudbase. But Captain Black engineers the destruction of three newly-built Angel aircraft - Mysteronised, the Interceptors are set to target Destiny.

  • At a secret conference in a hidden Spectrum base housed beneath the hunting lodge of a private African game reserve, Dr. Giadello announces the development of two devices that will turn the tide for Spectrum in their struggle with the Mysterons. But the Mysterons intend to sabotage the conference from within...

  • The Mysterons engineer the launch of a Variable Geometry Rocket from Base Concord and their agent, Major Reeves, escapes with the destruct mechanism and target information. While the Angels are despatched to track down Reeves, Scarlet and Blue are sent to Base Concord where they learn that the rocket's target is the base itself!

  • The Mysterons' cryptic threat to "kill time" has the Spectrum personnel stumped until Magenta realises that their target is General Tiempo, the Commander of Western Region World Defence. Tiempo is due to have an operation which involves a new Cerebral Pulsator, but his neurosurgeon Dr. Magnus has already become a Mysteron agent!

  • The Mysterons make their first mistake when Captain Black, revealed to have become a Mysteron agent, breaks into the Culver Atomic Centre and is exposed to radioactivity that will enable Spectrum to track him with directional geiger counters. But as the net closes, Black kidnaps Symphony Angel and holds her hostage...

  • When the Mysterons threaten the life of the Supreme Commander of Earth Forces, Scarlet and Blue are assigned to escort him to SHEF HQ in New York to chair a briefing on the Unitron, an advanced unmanned tank. But the Commander's aides, Major Brooks and Colonel Storm, are killed in a car crash and both become Mysteron agents...

  • The Mysterons threaten to destroy London and a truck carrying an atomic device goes missing in the city. The only clue to its whereabouts is the truck driver, found unconscious in the street. He claims that before he was struck down he distinctly heard Big Ben strike thirteen...

  • The Mysterons threaten the life of the Director General of the United Asian Republic and Spectrum swings into action to protect him as he prepares to board his private plane at London Airport. But the Mysterons have sabotaged a DT19 passenger jet and used retrometabolism to recreate it - under their control!

  • 2068 A.D.: a manned expedition led by Captain Black of Spectrum lands on Mars; investigating the planet surface in an exploration vehicle, the crew discover a futuristic alien city.

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