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Class of 3000 is an American animated television series that primarily plays on Cartoon Network. This animated television series was created by Andre Benjamin, who is the former member of the popular band Outlast, and Thomas W. Lynch. The class of 3000 stars many well known actors and actresses such as Andre Benjamin, Small Fire, Tom Kenny, Jennifer Hale, Crystal Scales, Phil LaMarr, Janice Kawaye, and Jeff Bennett. Also, this television series was produced by Mocks Turtle, Tom Lynch Company, and Cartoon Network Studios.

This film is mainly focused on a man by the name of Sunny Bridges. Sunny Bridges is a well known, popular superstar that has become tired of all of the commercialism and fame associated with his type of work. Unable to take it any longer, Sunny returns home to Atlanta, Georgia in order to go back to following the music like he used to. Once he returns home, Sunny begins giving lectures at Atlantas Little Five Points neighboorhood every once in a while. Then when the current teacher at Westly's School of Performing Arts goes to jail, Sunny becomes interested in taking his position. This epic television series has been rated PG.

At the Westley School of Performing Arts, Sunny meets several interesting students that sparked his attention. Some of those students include a drummer by the name of Li'l D, two Asian twins that play percussion named Kim and Lam, a violinist named Madison, a horn player named Eddie, a violent harpist named Tamika, and a bass player by the name of Philly Phil. Though all of these students are all polar opposites to one another, Sunny sees that each one of them have impeccable talent and decides to become their teacher. Through Sunny following the music and these students learning from one of the great superstars of that time, they get themselves into weird situations, comical moments, and begin to become better and better musicians as each show goes on.

Cartoon Network
2 Seasons, 21 Episodes
November 3, 2006
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: André Benjamin, Small Fire, Phil LaMarr, Jennifer Hale
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Class of 3000 Full Episode Guide

  • Madison and Tamika try to get home after getting lost while on a field trip to the Smoky Mountains.

  • Philly Phil is the only one who doesn't get invited to a party so he builds a robot to help him become popular.

  • Li'l D is on Santa's "Naughty List" and thinks that if he can get Sunny to forgive Santa for a grudge he's been holding for years he's sure to get back on the "Nice List" and get the video game console he's wishing for. He ends up learning you shouldn't do something nice just to get something in return.

  • The kids all get to go to an Atlanta water park except for Li'l D because he failed his history mid-term, turns out Sunny can't go either because he failed the same test back when he was in school, the two study together so they can retake the test.

  • The participants in the Five Points Renaissance Fair are offended by Lil'D so they destroy the schools auditorium. Eddie tries to convince his parents to pay for the repairs so the production of Rapunzel can go on.

  • Tamika falls for "The Beast" who is going against Li'l D in a drumming competition.

  • The kids try to get Philly Phil to come back to their school after they made him feel like an outcast.

  • The students try to help Sunny while he's away at a teachers retreat but when Li'l D throws away his "How To Do the To Do List" they have a hard time getting it done.

  • The students try to fill the school with celebrity teachers, which makes Sunny quit in protest.

  • Sunny is asked to perform for Theotis "Bullfrog" Suggs his old mentor but is stressed out from all of the pressure.

  • Tamika starts hanging out with the cool kids in school and helps them with some pranks which ends up getting her suspended.

  • The kids turn blue from Philly Phil's latest invention.

  • Madison finds a song that Sunny wrote to help the principal impress Ms. Squattenchowder the new lunchlady and tries to set them up.

  • Li'l D signs a contract that he regrets and asks the help of Sunny.

  • The Westley students are challenged by their rivals at Eastley who's teacher happens to be Sunny's old enemy.

  • Sunny and the students have to save Philly Phil who was mistaken as an alien and was captured by the government.

  • Eddie doesn't appreciate his amazing birthday party so Sunny gives him a magical compass that he has to use to find his real gift.

  • Sunny and the kids have to work together to get rid of a toxic sloppy joe blob.

  • Li'D becomes friends with a gorilla who he needs to convince to be in "The Kong and I" performance.

  • The kids learn to be musically and artistically free in Sunny's first lesson. The students do a production that is free for all.

  • Li'l D and his fellow students hearts are broken because they no longer have a music teacher, they decide to have a benefit concert to raise money for a new teacher and tries to convince superstar Sunny to play at it, he rejects because he doesn't want to be in the music scene any more, but then changes his mind and helps in the concert and agrees to be their new teacher.

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