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  • TV-14
  • 2016
  • 1 Season
  • 7.0  (33)

ClassicaLoid is a Japanese anime television series that aired on NHK from October 2016 to March 2017. The show is produced by Sunrise and NHK Enterprises, and it is directed by Yoichi Fujita. In this series, famous classical composers such as Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach are reimagined as anime characters with special abilities.

The story is set in a fictional town called MUSICA, where two young high school students, Kanae and Sosuke, live with their landlord, Otowa. One day, two strange characters, Beethoven and Mozart, suddenly appear at their doorsteps and make themselves at home. They are "ClassicaLoids," famous composers from the past who possess special powers that allow them to manipulate reality. However, they also have a tendency to break into spontaneous musical performances that transform reality into a fantastical world.

The plot revolves around various comedic and musical situations that occur in the town of MUSICA due to the presence of the ClassicaLoids. Each episode features a different classical composer character, such as Liszt, Chopin, and Tchaikovsky, who show up to cause havoc and create new musical compositions. In addition, other characters, such as a robot called Baku, a scientist named Sousuke, and a pop star named Schubert, play important roles in the story.

One of the unique aspects of the show is its use of classical music in modern-day situations. The ClassicaLoids transform everyday objects into musical instruments and use their powers to create new compositions that mix classical music with other genres. For example, Beethoven creates a piece of music by mixing classical music with heavy metal, while Mozart creates music by combining classical music with rap.

The animation style of the show is bright and colorful, with a mix of traditional and 3D animation. The character designs are inspired by the classical composers they represent, with Beethoven sporting wild hair and Liszt wearing a top hat and tails. The backgrounds and settings are also vividly rendered, with vibrant colors and attention to detail.

The show's soundtrack is a mix of classical music and original compositions created for the series. In addition, each episode features a different opening and ending theme song performed by various J-Pop artists. The music is seamlessly integrated into the story, with the ClassicaLoids using their musical powers to enhance the scenes.

Overall, ClassicaLoid is an entertaining and imaginative anime series that celebrates the power of music and the enduring legacy of classical composers. The characters are quirky and lovable, the humor is light-hearted and fun, and the music is a joy to listen to. Fans of classical music and anime alike will find much to enjoy in this unique and charming series.

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An Encore from Space
25. An Encore from Space
April 1, 2017
Aliens attack the Earth. When the ClassicaLoids' attempts to communicate with musik fall flat, they place the fate of the world on Kanae and Sosuke's shoulders.
The Octave's World, Part 2
24. The Octave's World, Part 2
March 25, 2017
The entire world has become mindless versions of Bach. It's up to Kanae, Beethoven, and Motz stop the device before the world is changed permanently.
The Octave's World, Part 1
23. The Octave's World, Part 1
March 18, 2017
Bach sets his plan in motion to collect the ClassicaLoids and activate the Octave. When force fails to bring them together, Mitsuru's backup plan throws the city into chaos.
A Man Who Can Tell the Difference
22. A Man Who Can Tell the Difference
March 11, 2017
Eccentric Beethoven has discovered a new obsession: creating the perfect cup of coffee. However, the path to destiny (and his "best coffee") is filled with obstacles!
Break Through
21. Break Through
March 4, 2017
Schubert realizes that no one recognizes his existence... or his musik! In a foreign land, Schubert discovers his own beat and unleashes his frustrations on the others.
The Name Is Mozart
20. The Name Is Mozart
February 25, 2017
When Motz's pranks go to far, Kanae forbids him from pulling any more. However, his pent up energy might unleash something even more chaotic: a phenomena called Motz Panic!
Fall in Love and You're Dead
19. Fall in Love and You're Dead
February 18, 2017
Kanae and the others try to survive the curse of "Swan Lake" when Tchaiko accidentally unleashes musik which makes it easier to fall in love... and then meet a tragic end.
MitsuruLoid and Gyona-kun
18. MitsuruLoid and Gyona-kun
February 11, 2017
Bach searches for musical inspiration and ends up in a compromising position. Meanwhile, Mitsuru kidnaps Sosuke (accidentally) and uses him to unleash her new creation.
Oranges! Oranges! Grilled Oranges?!
17. Oranges! Oranges! Grilled Oranges?!
February 4, 2017
Has Hasshie cursed the ClassicaLoids? A night of horror ensues as Beet-san and Schubert find themselves turning into oranges, leaving Sosuke, Chopin, and Motz to deal with it.
Work, Beet and Motz!
16. Work, Beet and Motz!
January 28, 2017
Beet and Motz search for a perfect job with nearly disastrous results. In their absence, Chopin reveals another side of himself, and Liszt finds a new way to express love.
The School Festival from Hell
15. The School Festival from Hell
January 21, 2017
Sosuke begs the ClassicaLoids to perform with him at the school festival, and he gets a harsh reality-check when he discovers how popular they are with his classmates.
CLAKLA Breaks up and Kanae Debuts
14. CLAKLA Breaks up and Kanae Debuts
January 14, 2017
A raging mad Tchaiko shows up at the mansion claiming to be done with Bada, and Kanae gets pulled as her replacement. Has Kanae found her true calling as an idol?
The Trout
13. The Trout
January 7, 2017
While singing in the bathtub, Schubert finds that he's accidentally turned himself... into a fish?! It's a good thing the residents of the mansion love fish... for lunch.
J.S. Bach
12. J.S. Bach
December 24, 2016
Motz and Beet are invited to Arkhe Corporation's New Artist Auditions. Is Motz destined for pop stardom? Will Beet change his tune? Just what will master Bach think of it all?
At Least Help With Housework
11. At Least Help With Housework
December 17, 2016
As Kanae makes plans to visit her ailing uncle, she must prepare her €œtenants€ to take care of the house while she€™s gone.
Episode 10
10. Episode 10
December 10, 2016
Chopin becomes enamored with a cyber-idol program, and his musik brings it to life. The others in the Otowa House get the wrong idea about what’s going on with him.
Episode 9
9. Episode 9
December 3, 2016
Beethoven becomes enthralled with guitars, but can't seem to find the right one. Haunted by a vision of his past, he struggles to find the thing he's missing.
Episode 8
8. Episode 8
November 26, 2016
Liszt takes Kanae out for a "Girls' Day", starting with a CLAKLA performance. However, when the two idols join them, the "Girls' Day" becomes something a bit different.
Episode 7
7. Episode 7
November 19, 2016
The small town is besieged by a wild urban legend! Strangely, Motz is nowhere to be seen. What could be keeping the prolific pink composer away from the mansion?
Episode 6
6. Episode 6
November 12, 2016
The origins of the classicaloids are revealed, and just when Kanae's at the end of her rope, the mansion is once more in danger of being demolished!
Episode 5
5. Episode 5
November 5, 2016
Beethoven is so close to learning the secret of a nostalgic gyoza, but it comes to a halt as a mysterious “King” tries to take the classicaloids away from the Otowa mansion!
Episode 4
4. Episode 4
October 29, 2016
A bespectacled man wanders Japan, leaving a strange phenomenon in his wake. Stranger yet, he seems particularly interested in finding who he calls Beethoven-senpai!
Episode 3
3. Episode 3
October 22, 2016
While Kanae tries to prepare the mansion for prospective tenants, she discovers two unique individuals in the house - and it seems one’s been living there for a while!
Make Musique!
2. Make Musique!
October 15, 2016
Sosuke"™s plans for Kanae"™s birthday involve Musik, and there"™s a problem: neither of the classicaloids know how it happens. The stage is set for an a-Motz-ing reveal!
Beethes and Motes and Otowakan
1. Beethes and Motes and Otowakan
October 8, 2016
Kanae is stuck with two strange squatters in her home, Motz and Beet-san. When a demolition crew arrives to tear down her house, Beet-san unleashes his musical rage.
  • Premiere Date
    October 8, 2016
  • IMDB Rating
    7.0  (33)