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  • 2022
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Colosseum from History is an enthralling and immersive television series that takes viewers on a journey through the remarkable history of the ancient Roman Colosseum. Transporting audiences back to ancient Rome, this captivating show brilliantly combines expert historical analysis, vivid recreations, and engaging storytelling to offer a comprehensive exploration of one of the world's most iconic architectural wonders.

With a rich blend of historical accuracy and dramatic flair, Colosseum from History breathes life into the ruins of the ancient amphitheater, delving into the political, social, and cultural significance it held during its heyday. Narrated by a passionate and knowledgeable host, the series unfolds over several episodes, each focusing on different aspects of the Colosseum's history and exploring the colorful characters that played a part in its story.

From its inception in the first century AD under Emperor Vespasian, the Colosseum instantly captured the collective imagination of the Roman people. Colosseum from History takes viewers behind the scenes of its construction, revealing the ingenious engineering techniques used to erect this colossal structure in record time. Through stunning CGI animations and meticulous attention to detail, the show unveils the secrets of the Colosseum's grand architecture, showcasing how it was designed to host thrilling spectacles and awe-inspiring events.

The series dives into the mesmerizing world of gladiators, exploring their training, daily lives, and the elaborate combat spectacles that unfolded within the Colosseum's hallowed walls. Drawing on historical accounts and recent archeological discoveries, the show sheds light on the societal roles played by gladiators and the political dynamics surrounding their fights. It showcases the Colosseum as a stage where gladiatorial combat became a symbol of power, showcasing both the might of the Roman Empire and the ambitions of its emperors.

Colosseum from History also examines the diverse range of events that were held inside the Colosseum, going beyond gladiatorial combat to explore the elaborate animal hunts, naval reenactments, and even remarkable religious ceremonies that took place. The show transports viewers into the frenzied atmosphere of these events, capturing the excitement, danger, and raw emotions experienced by both the spectators and participants. Through interviews with experts and dramatic reenactments, the series provides an immersive experience that lets viewers witness ancient Rome's most opulent and extravagant spectacles.

Furthermore, Colosseum from History offers insights into the socio-political narratives behind the Colosseum. It delves into the close relationship between the emperors and the public, highlighting how these grand events were used as tools for political propaganda and public adulation. By examining the Colosseum's role as a public gathering place and symbol of Roman might, the show uncovers how it was intricately woven into the fabric of Roman society and played a pivotal role in shaping the empire's identity.

In addition to its historical exploration of the Colosseum, the series addresses its modern-day significance and enduring legacy. It highlights how this architectural marvel continues to inspire awe and attract millions of visitors today, while also raising questions about preservation and conservation efforts. With interviews from archaeologists, historians, and preservation experts, Colosseum from History provides a comprehensive understanding of the ongoing challenges in protecting and maintaining this magnificent ancient structure.

In conclusion, Colosseum from History is a masterful television series that unveils the historical, cultural, and architectural intricacies of one of the world's most legendary structures. By blending informative analysis, captivating recreations, and a stunning visual presentation, the show transports viewers through time, allowing them to experience the grandeur and spectacle of ancient Rome's most famous amphitheater. Whether you are a history enthusiast, architecture aficionado, or simply love a good narrative, this series is sure to captivate and educate.

Colosseum is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (8 episodes). The series first aired on July 17, 2022.

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The Pagan
8. The Pagan
September 4, 2022
By the 4th Century AD, a divided Roman Empire is rocked by devastating earthquakes, fires, barbarian invasions and deep religious divides. As Rome declines, the Colosseum, which once stood as a proud symbol of the Empire's glory, lies empty. To restore Rome, one man, a devout worshipper of the Rome's old Gods, turns to the arena. Can staging elaborate and expensive games there reverse Rome's decline?
7. Commodus
August 28, 2022
All of Rome's emperors have put great value on spectacles and games, but only one steps out of the Imperial Box and onto the sands of the arena: Commodus. A far cry from his father, the great Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Commodus is quick to make enemies - especially with one elite ruling body, the Senate. As the empire crumbles and Commodus's popularity plummets, a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues, centered around Rome's great amphitheater.
The Scientist
6. The Scientist
August 21, 2022
One of the most famous doctor/scientists of the ancient world, Galen of Pergamon makes a name for himself as a physician for gladiators in the arena. But just as Rome's Empire reaches the height of its power and influence under Emperor Marcus Aurelius, a devastating plague sweeps through the city--and Galen catches the attention of Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Now it's up to this scientist to defend Rome from disease and keep the Emperor alive at all costs. This episode marks a turning point in the series, as barbarian attacks along Rome's northern borders intensify, beginning the long period of Rome's decline.
The Martyr
5. The Martyr
August 14, 2022
The public execution of criminals is a staple in the Colosseum, but during Trajan's 123 days of games in 107 AD, one of these victims is no ordinary prisoner.
The Gladiatrix
4. The Gladiatrix
August 7, 2022
When the mighty Emperor Trajan throws his great games of 107 AD, the crowd is treated to a rare spectacle: female gladiators. The combatants are typically prisoners of war, but in one game, a Roman woman named Mevia makes history. She decides to trade her status as a free citizen of Rome to fight in the arena as a gladiatrix, a controversial and shocking choice that earns the enmity of Roman historian and satirist, Juvenal. Her choice illustrates the challenges of plebian life for women in ancient Rome.
The Beastmaster
3. The Beastmaster
July 31, 2022
As the Roman Empire continues to expand, so does the diversity of exotic beasts brought back to entertain the Colosseum crowds. Over a million animals are slaughtered on the sands of the arena by trained beast masters, none more famous than Carpophorus. But when met with the unprecedented challenge to battle 20 wild creatures, can Carpophorus survive?
The Builder
2. The Builder
July 24, 2022
When master builder Haterius constructs the Colosseum from the ashes of Nero's Golden House, his work is far from over. New Emperor Domitian tasks him with adding in a complex network of underground tunnels: the hypogeum. Haterius will have to balance satisfying the insatiable demands of the all-powerful Emperor, with the extreme pressures of creating an ancient architectural marvel in time for Domitian's games. Failure could cost his life.
The Gladiators
1. The Gladiators
July 17, 2022
In 80 AD, Emperor Titus opens the Colosseum with 100 days of spectacular games, including one of the most famous gladiatorial matches in Rome's history.
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    July 17, 2022
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