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  • 2008
  • 4 Seasons
  • 7.1  (63)

Country House Rescue was a popular British TV series aired on Channel 4, starring Ruth Watson as she attempted to save some of the UK’s most iconic country homes from ruin. The show was first aired in 2009 and ran for six seasons until 2012. Each episode of the show saw Ruth Watson visit a different stately home or country house in desperate need of renovation, and work with the owners to find ways to turn their businesses around. Whether it was fixing up crumbling buildings, creating new revenue streams or improving their marketing, Ruth’s mission was to give these beautiful country houses a new lease of life.

Ruth, who had previously worked as a hotelier, brought a wealth of experience and expertise to each property she visited. She tackled each challenge head-on, working with the owners to identify key issues and ways they could be addressed. Whether it was developing new services or products, or simply improving the customer experience, Ruth always had a plan to help these struggling country homes get back on track.

One of the most memorable aspects of Country House Rescue was the stunning locations featured on the show. Each episode offered viewers a glimpse of some of the UK’s most beautiful country houses and estates. Some were grand, opulent properties, while others were more modest, but each had its own unique charm and character.

Throughout the series, viewers were introduced to a range of fascinating characters, from eccentric aristocrats to hard-working business owners. Ruth was always able to form strong bonds with these individuals, and viewers were able to see their stories unfold over the course of each episode.

Another key aspect of the show was its focus on the history and heritage of the country house properties. Ruth was always keen to highlight the importance of these buildings and the role they played in shaping our national identity. By providing a glimpse into the lives of those who had lived and worked in these properties over the years, viewers were able to gain a greater appreciation of the rich cultural heritage that these buildings represent.

Overall, Country House Rescue was a fascinating and engaging TV series that provided a unique insight into the world of stately homes and country estates. With its mix of history, business advice and engaging characters, it was a show that was loved by millions of viewers across the UK. Whether you were a fan of grand architecture or simply enjoyed watching the challenges faced by small businesses, Country House Rescue was a show that had something for everyone.

Country House Rescue
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Series 4 Episode 6
6. Series 4 Episode 6
Hidden in 600 acres in Ayrshire, Craufurdland has been the castle home of the Craufurd family since 1245, but constant maintenance of the fragile property has become a huge financial drain
Series 4 Episode 5
5. Series 4 Episode 5
Simon visits the Cookson family of Meldon Park, Northumberland, and tries to persuade them to make a go of running a money-making cafe in the estate's walled garden
Series 4 Episode 4
4. Series 4 Episode 4
Great Fulford is a listed manor house near Exeter that's crumbling away in parts. Can Simon get Francis and Kishanda Fulford to exploit their ancient home's money-making potential?
Series 4 Episode 3
3. Series 4 Episode 3
Simon visits County Cork, Ireland, where the Shelswell-White family need a business plan to clear the estate's debts as their daughter prepares to take over
Series 4 Episode 2
2. Series 4 Episode 2
Simon Davis attempts to help cash-strapped 63-year-old Jeannie Wilkins to go on living in her beloved grade II listed manor house in West Somerset. Will she agree to share it with others?
Series 4 Episode 1
1. Series 4 Episode 1
Having dedicated their lives to Colebrooke Park, a mansion built in 1820 in Northern Ireland, Viscount and Viscountess Brookeborough aren't keen on entrepreneur Simon Davis's spa plans
  • Premiere Date
    December 9, 2008
  • IMDB Rating
    7.1  (63)