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How prepared are you and your family for the unthinkable? How ready are you to defend against evil? "Crimestrike" presents harrowing, enlightening stories of heroism made possible by the constitutional right to keep and bear arms - true stories of the armed American citizen.

1 Season, 27 Episodes
January 1, 2004
Cast: Wayne LaPierre
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  • An affluent couple's home is infiltrated by crack-addicts, forcing homeowner Dana Webster to take action. Two Redondo Beach, California men explain the need and purpose of Citizens Against Crime. A visually impaired woman unknowingly lets two wanted felons into her home. The Crime Doctor, Chris McGoey, gives advice as to how you can better protect your home and property.

  • A distraught widower threatens employees and patients at a community health clinic. A young woman educates and empowers teenagers by building their self-esteems. Friends cooking out in a public park witness an illegal drug deal go awry. Students take a stand and take measures to stop violence in their schools and communities.

  • Two couples returning from a relaxing trip to Mexico discover that one of them is a gun carrying drug smuggler. The Parents of Murdered Children organization helps bring closure to unsolved homicides. A California actress saves a pedestrian from being beaten to death by two men. Look inside D.C. Self Defense, an organization with a mission to teach women how to protect themselves.

  • Charles Ray and his co-workers wrestle a gun away from a perpetrator who had snatched it from the police officer trying to arrest him. The Beagle Brigade use rescued dogs to sniff out contraband in luggage. A Bike Store owner stops a murderer from claiming his third victim. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's Safe Team Taskforce teaches parents to keep their children safe on the Internet

  • A housewife defends herself and infant child from a psychotic intruder. Bob Roberts, founder of Project Return, explains how his organization helps former inmates make the transition from prison to life on the outside. Kung Fu students prevent a hold-up in a restaurant. A close look inside a Jackson, Florida teen court program where students try and sentence other youth offenders.

  • A shopper stops a stalker from assaulting his next victim in the mall parking lot. Project FREE was designed to address the rise in youth violence and the need for jobs. Beth Paine stops intruders from ransacking her grandmother's house. Rabbi Abraham Cooper talks about the rise in hate crimes due to the popularity of the Internet and what can be done about it.

  • A Las Vegas tourist has his wallet stolen in a casino. The Red Means Stop Coalition was created to help decrease the number of accidents that occur when drivers run red lights. Citizen Crime Fighter Martin Zelaski helps police capture neighborhood vandals. The City of Los Angeles relies on its citizens to help crack down on graffiti and vandalism.

  • Kelly Duncan and her roommate Jill find out the dangers of dating over the Internet. Former gang members tell how Homeboy Silkscreen has changed their lives. Three medical employees stop a car thief in the company parking lot. Finally, how the Center for the Community Interest lobbies for the rights of crime victims.

  • Concerned father, Richard Struebing captures the peeping tom who has been watching his daughter. The Sund/Carrington Foundation was established after the deaths of three innocent women. North Carolina pharmacist and fire chief Vernon Massengill spots a forged prescription and helps bust a drug ring. Patsy Thomas explains how the Crime Prevention Resource Center is striking back against crime in Te

  • Seattle resident and Credit Union member Ed Woodall witnesses a robbery in progress. See how the Friends Outside organization helps California families cope with the incarceration of loved ones. A neighbor comes to the rescue of a stab victim. Plus, a close look at organized crime and gang violence in Chicago, Illinois.

  • Wheelchair-bound Rachel Jackson fends off a home intruder. Communities and Schools LA Mentoring Partnership in Los Angeles gives at risk youth a second chance to succeed. Businessmen Frank Kirkwood and Peter Davies were surprised to learn that the man they stopped from stealing one of their cars was wanted for murder.

  • A retired couple's crime prevention plan saves their lives. Crime Stoppers, a volunteer-run crime tip hotline helps citizens get involved in law and order. An Indianapolis woman is saved from an untimely death due to the courageous acts of Daniel Wojcik. There's no easy answer to the problems created by prostitution but former Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders has some ideas.

  • Once know as the methamphetamine capital of the world, Independence, Missouri has cleaned up its act with the help of Jan Jordan, president of the Independence Neighborhood Watch. An attorney puts his life on the line by helping an innocent woman who was being attacked by her knife-wielding husband. The Mississippi Crime Commission successfully reduces crime in the Mississippi coast area.

  • Massachusetts Councilman David Ellis' leisurely bike ride turns tragic. Retired grandmother Evelyn Dukes provides safer parks for Detroit children and families to enjoy. Actor Scott Pressman is attacked by two predators. A comprehensive look at Project Sister, an organization dedicated to helping women who have been sexually abused, battered and raped.

  • Passerby Mark Woods comes to the assistance of a cop in trouble. Project Exile works to federally prosecute federal criminals and violent drug dealers with guns. Worker Alfredo Urban puts his life on the line to chase a suspect who had just robbed his place of employment. Psychologist Dr. Jana Martin educates us about the Warning Signs of Youth Violence.

  • Postal worker Patrick McDonnell rescues co-workers from an irate colleague. Concrete Jungles teaches people how to become their own bodyguards. Daniel Shelton catches and apprehends his neighborhood robber. Kid Power is a program designed to teach young children how to avoid harmful situations.

  • Trista Martin manages to catch a thief and retrieve some of her neighbor's stolen property. Sheila Hightower runs Hire a Teen for a Better Tomorrow out of her Chicago Heights home to keep kids from turning to a life of crime. An isolated camper saves herself from being assaulted by brandishing her husband's firearm. Arnold Nerenberg works to curtail aggressive driving and road rage.

  • Witnesses to a car accident get more than they bargained for when they chase a fleeing perpetrator. St. Louis resident Patrick Zarrick teaches women what they can do to keep themselves out of dangerous situations. 51-year-old marathon runner Thomas Hart outruns a shoplifter to bring him to justice. Jack Gilmore demonstrates the Carjacker, a device he designed to prevent auto theft and carjacking.

  • Rural Attorney Michael McIntee saves a woman from being killed by her deranged ex-husband. James E. Davis founded Love Yourself, Stop the Violence to improve relations between his community and the local police department. A delivery man diffuses a hostage situation. The California Public Research Group works to protect citizens from invasions of privacy, financial rip-offs and unsafe products.

  • A young man trying to stop a carjacker from stealing his mother's call is aided by an armed motorist. In Fairfax, Virginia, citizens are working together to fight crime in their neighborhood with their wireless phones. Two Rollerblading Beauties stop a thief from robbing their car. The Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission and Meth Task Force strike back against methamphetamine.

  • Edward DeLeon lied in wait to catch a robber burglarizing his home for a third time. Inner City Filmmakers is a program designed to keep inner city high school students off the streets by teaching them film production. An elderly couple escape death in an armed robbery attempt in their vacation motel room. The Mississippi Crime Commission successfully reduces crime in the Mississippi coast area.

  • A brave man working late stops thieves from escaping the scene of a crime in his office building. San Diegoans Azim Khamisa and Ples Felix work hard to reduce the amount of youth violence in America. Reverend Ted Padgett interrupts a thief ransacking his church office. The Philadelphia Crime Commission operates a tip line to keep the crime rate low in the city of brotherly love.

  • Would-be victim Ann Barry brings a halt to an armed robbery ring's criminal activities. Arthur Eicholz organized the Waldo Street Crime Watch to make his New England community safer. Bartender Natalie Biggs stops an armed robber dead in his tracks. The Los Angeles Commission on Assaults Against Women educates women about self-defense.

  • Picnickers catch a strung out car thief in the act. Crime Victims United is a political, educational and legislative organization that campaigns for candidates that believe in public safety issues. Convenience store worker Edna Teagle puts an end to a robbers all night crime spree. The LA County's Sheriff's Department works to make high school and college campuses safer.

  • Mortician Garnette Sumpter defends a TV News crew against an angry mob. Summerville, South Carolina's Departments of Law Enforcement and Education work together to rehabilitate and educate county inmates. General Store owner Clair Wallingsford thwarts a would-be robber by brandishing his own firearm. Los Angeles gets its citizens involved in the ongoing fight against graffiti and vandalism.

  • Two hunters save the life of a woman who was kidnapped by her out-of-control ex-husband. Cops Who Care create a bond with their communities by getting involved. A property owner makes a citizen's arrest when two robbers break into his storage building and attempt to sell the stolen goods. Rabbi Abraham Cooper and California Deputy District Attorney Carla Arranaga join forces to combat hate crimes.

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