Daddy's Girls

Daddy's Girls - a reality TV show that stars Angela and Vanessa Simmons, making their way though life. They are away from their very famous father and standing on their own. The show is produced by Good Clean Fun, which is the image these two young ladies reflect to the public. This TV show depicts exactly that, with their strong family values and interacting in the business world; which is a challenge. With their cousin Jessica Brown, as their employee and roommate by their side; they are a real hoot.

The rest of the cast is made up of longtime real life friends Brian Bolton and Shawna Gaspard, they have reoccurring roles and add to the fun. Another member of the cast is Alycia Bellamy, the girls friend and former neighbor. Alycia is spotlighted in one episode, where the girls are being mischievous towards her and Jessica stops them in their tracks.

The series starts with them arriving in California. We watch Angela and Vanessa work and play together without the pressures of being Rev Runs daughters. Just being rich, young and thousands of miles away from their parents is enough to show their wild side. However, these two young ladies are too career driven for nonsense. We see them go through the process of trying to open a store for their fashion line; then try to balance their social lives with friends and family is part of the series. Spach a dash of dating and trying to keep a relationship ongoing with the opposite sex and see the girls handle things well.

The Second season shows the girls moving to Beverly Hills, this is a real big deal for them. Angela is still up to her old tricks, because she is not completely honest with Vanessa; which leads to a great second season. There are unwanted house guest, pets and boyfriend drama in this season; as the girls really settle in living on their own.

These girls and their friends are smart, funny and full of life, every episode is more entertaining than the last.

2 Seasons, 15 Episodes
January 6, 2009
Cast: L.A. James, Karen Jin Beck, Brian Bolton, Jen Kucsak
Daddy's Girls

Daddy's Girls Full Episode Guide

  • Angela, Vanessa and Jessica debate their futures and the future of Pastry as Rev gets to know Vanessa's boyfriend Mike.

  • Angela and Vanessa must stand up to Rev Run after he cancels one of their interviews and Jessica develops a crush on one of her teammates on the court.

  • Vanessa and Jessica punk Angela during her first attempt at professional DJ-ing and Lynn goes after Shawna's brother.

  • Vanessa is conflicted when Lynn wants to model for an important Pastry fashion show and Shawna takes Jessica to a Jewish singles night.

  • The girls have some unwanted rodents in their new home and Lynn tries to lose two inches for a modeling contract.

  • Lynn convinces the Simmons girls to go camping as Danielle and Jessica reach a breaking point as roommates.

  • Angela and Danielle rescue a cat despite Vanessa's boyfriend's allergies and Brian takes advantage of Jessica's basketball skills.

  • Angela plots to have a childhood friend move into the girls' new Beverly Hills pad and the girls decide to take Pastry to the next level.

  • The girls reflect on their favorite moments and share unseen moments from the season.

  • Angela and Vanessa search for a bigger house.

  • Angela and Vanessa entertain the thought of hiring an assistant as the demands of work and family obligations are becoming too much to handle.

  • While out shopping with Jessica, Angela becomes enamored with a hot pair of motorcycle boots. Angela loves the motorcycle mama look and along with Jessica becomes infatuated with motorcycle apparel. When the pair head to a motorcycle shop to buy accessories, Angela catches the motorcycle bug and wants to buy one. When Angela tells Vanessa about her plans to buy a motorcycle she disapproves and threatens to tell Daddy.

  • Angela and Vanessa struggle to maintain "brand clarity" and Jessica vies for a company car.

  • When Alycia considers going back to a guy who treated her bad in the past, the ladies get involved and try to talk her out of it.

  • Vanessa, Alycia and Jessica try to pull Angela out of her breakup blues with a blind date, and Rev adjusts to his girls living so far away.

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