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Tourgasm is a documentary-style television show. The show followed a comedy tour starring comedian Dane Cook. At each tour destination, Cook and the fellow comedians on the door perform an activity in the new city. The show also follows Cook's actual performances.

1 Season, 9 Episodes
June 11, 2006
Cast: Dane Cook, Jay Davis, Gary Gulman, Robert Kelly
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  • In the series finale, Dane and the boys take on a new adventure: Fighter Pilot for a Day school. It's terrifying--and nauseating--but reliving the tour afterward is hilarious, especially with highlights like Jay's porn-filled hotel bill! They conclude that 'Tourgasm' has left them better friends--with most of their dignity and internal organs intact.

  • With 'Tourgasm' in the can, Dane, Gary, Bobby and Jay turn back the clock to share details on how they started out, how they met, and how they overcame (in some cases) initial animosity to become true friends. This edition features plenty of revealing home movies and photos, including early comedy-club performances by each comic; home documentaries starring Dane's mom; a pantomimed performance special by a young Dane shot while taking a break at a pizzeria; an eye-opening look at how the comic's sense of fashion, hair and comedy has evolved through the years; and more. The episode concludes with Dane reading a graduation letter he'd written, at the request of his high-school writing teacher, to his biggest fan and best friend: Dane Cook.

  • Before a gig at the University of Massachusetts, the boys unwind with a game of miniature golf. Gary prevails, prompting Dane to deadpan, 'It's one of the few times in my life I wish I was Gary.' After the evening performance--the second-to-last 'Tourgasm' show--the bus heads through Boston and on to Arlington High School, where Dane, a graduate, is hailed as a conquering hero. Standing again on the auditorium stage where he first performed, Dane gets emotional and reflective, realizing his career has come full circle. The utopia of his return is dulled the next day, when he must pack up his stuff before the tour ends. The final show, at Boston University, brings out the best in the comics--as well as plenty of good vibes at completing such a memorable journey.

  • In Charlottesville, VA, the boys compete in a game of indoor paintball that ends with the ultracompetitive Dane accusing Jay of foul play. Later, Dane's dizzy spell fuels speculation that the show at the University of Virginia will be cancelled, but Gary's 'perfect' set, combined with the crowd's overwhelming support, pull the star through. Dane's competitive juices flow again during a heated poker game, followed by an exhilarating white-water rafting trip near Richmond. The tour then heads north to familiar territory: Massachusetts, where some frenetic 'original' fans at Fitchburg College welcome home their comedic hero.

  • Despite concerns about his injured leg and limited mobility, Bobby performs at Syracuse University. The tour then winds its way through New York City and Philadelphia, where a clueless van driver nearly causes the boys to miss a live TV appearance. In Baltimore, Gary relives one of his darkest moments: last night's heckle-ridden show. The bad vibes are only slightly mitigated by a 45-minute trip to a crab restaurant, where the consensus is that the meat just wasn't worth the work. Dane shows off his internet acumen to Jay, then spearheads a Terrapin prank on the injury-prone Bobby, who's been at the dentist after shattering a tooth on a crab shell. The boys' luck turns in University Park, PA, where they play the tour's biggest gig to some 7,500 raucous Penn State fans. Afterwards, Dane admits that this was one of those highlights when he can say 'I've made it.'

  • Dane's latest malady (a nasty cold), combined with a Madison Square Garden commitment, detours him from Chicago to New York for a quick visit with his doctor. The multiple-medication therapy works wonders--but will Dane make it back to Central Michigan University in time for the gig? On Day 12, Bobby follows Dane to the doctor in Kalamazoo, and the boys play ice hockey before a show at Western Michigan U. Later, in Cincinnati, Dane pouts after losing a go-cart race to Bobby, but recovers when his girlfriend arrives for some TLC before a Day 13 gig at Xavier.

  • Outside Bozeman, Montana, on Day 5, the comedy posse saddles up at a dude ranch. Next stop is New Orleans (pre-Katrina), where Jay tests out a new joke at Tulane University, to decidedly mixed results. Later, Dane and Bobby figure out how to lose a couple of female suitors on Bourbon Street.

  • Stand-up star Dane Cook and three fellow comics--Jay Davis, Robert 'Bobby' Kelly and Gary Gulman--set out on a customized bus from Burbank, CA (destination: Boston, MA) on a 30-day, 20-gig, sold-out 'Tourgasm' of America. Highlights include: a rib-crunching scooter fall that nearly sidelines the headliner for the premier show at Sonoma State University; the first of many heated arguments between Jay and Bobby, this time over the fact that Jay won't join in the group's porn chats; a fish-tossing diversion with cutting consequences for Gary; and a trip up the Space Needle in Seattle before hitting the stage at Washington State University on Day 3.

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