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  • TV-14
  • 1997
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.1  (334)

Dead Man's Gun is a western anthology series that aired from 1997 to 1999, produced by MGM and starring Kris Kristofferson as the narrator. The show takes place in the old west and revolves around a cursed pistol that brings death to anyone who possesses it. Each episode tells a new story of someone who comes into contact with the gun and ultimately meets their demise.

The show utilizes an interesting format where the gun is passed from person to person, sometimes as a result of a sale or a bet, and sometimes by force. The gun serves as a common thread that ties the disparate stories together, making each episode feel like a unique piece of a larger puzzle. The gun's history is slowly revealed as the series progresses, with each new owner adding another layer to the pistol's dark past.

The stories themselves are classic western tales of greed, revenge, and betrayal, but with a supernatural twist. Several episodes have a distinctly horror movie feel, with spooky music and unsettling camera angles building tension as characters meet their grisly fates. Other episodes are more focused on action and gunplay, with tense shootouts and horseback chases. No matter the genre, the show's attention to detail and commitment to historical accuracy brings the old west to life in a way that feels authentic and immersive.

One of the show's strengths is its impressive roster of guest stars. Each episode features a new cast of characters, and the showrunners managed to attract some of the biggest names in Hollywood at the time. Actors like Laura Leighton, John Ritter, and Henry Winkler all made appearances on the show, lending their talent and star power to the already impressive stories.

But despite the rotating cast of characters and settings, the true star of the show is always the gun itself. It's a unique concept that keeps the viewers engaged, wondering who will be the next unlucky soul to come into contact with the cursed pistol. The gun itself is a fascinating piece of prop design, with an intricate engraving and a menacing look that perfectly captures the show's macabre tone.

Another standout aspect of the series is the fantastic score by Jay Semko. The music perfectly captures the show's western setting, with twangy guitar riffs and dramatic orchestral swells underscoring the action. The theme song, "Dead Man's Gun," is a haunting ballad that sets the tone for each episode.

Overall, Dead Man's Gun is a unique and entertaining take on the western genre. The cursed pistol adds a supernatural element that keeps the stories fresh and exciting, while the attention to historical accuracy and commitment to production design make the show a visual treat. Fans of westerns, horror, and anthology series will all find something to love in this underrated gem of a show.

Dead Man's Gun is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (66 episodes). The series first aired on March 2, 1997.

Dead Man's Gun
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A Just Reward
22. A Just Reward
March 26, 1999
In the series finale, Mr. Smith, the original owner of the Dead Man's Gun hires a hardened outlaw to steal it back for him and becomes its final victim.
The Phrenologist
21. The Phrenologist
March 19, 1999
A young Thomas Alva "Alvie" Edison, homeless in the old West, has an encounter with the Dead Man's Gun.
Bad Boys
20. Bad Boys
March 12, 1999
Three boys find the Dead Man's Gun and after their own mis-adventures with it, fall in with Frank Santee, a bank robber and murderer. But the next night, when the bank robbery turns violent, the boys kill Santee and are declared heroes.
The Vine
19. The Vine
March 5, 1999
A young Italian immigrant encounters murderous thieves while on his way west to start a vineyard.
The Good Chef
18. The Good Chef
February 26, 1999
A chef opens a restaurant using money he stole from people that he poisoned.
The Oath
17. The Oath
February 19, 1999
A doctor tries to find a cure for a disease that is killing an entire town.
Four of a Kind
16. Four of a Kind
February 12, 1999
A woman seeks revenge for her husband's murder.
15. Sleepwalker
February 5, 1999
A man with a sleepwalking disorder is suspected in a series of murders in a small town.
The Womanizer
14. The Womanizer
January 29, 1999
A womanizer meets his match.
The Regulator
13. The Regulator
January 22, 1999
A woman offers to write a biography for a killer.
The Ripper
12. The Ripper
November 27, 1998
A copy-cat Jack the Ripper stalks a small western town.
Seven Deadly Sins
11. Seven Deadly Sins
November 6, 1998
A man defies his father's warning and sets out to break each of the seven deadly sins.
The Pinkerton
10. The Pinkerton
October 30, 1998
A black Pinkerton detective is sent to recover the kidnapped wife of a wealthy businesman.
The Mimsers
9. The Mimsers
October 9, 1998
Acting as butler and maid, a con-artist English couple set out to bilk their wealthy new employer.
The Trapper
8. The Trapper
October 2, 1998
A trapper is terrorized by a bear.
The Collector
7. The Collector
September 25, 1998
A German aristocrat arrives in the wild west seeking to add to his collection of treasures.
6. Hangman
September 18, 1998
A hangman reconsiders his profession when he is sentenced to hang for a crime he did not commit.
Sisters of Mercy
5. Sisters of Mercy
September 11, 1998
Two sisters pose as nuns to swindle unsuspecting townspeople.
Winner Takes All
4. Winner Takes All
September 4, 1998
A pugilist and his manager head west in search of greener pastures but end up taking on a town boss who bets against them.
Sheep's Clothing
3. Sheep's Clothing
August 21, 1998
A meek school teacher becomes overly confident when he becomes the new owner of the Dead Man's Gun. Time to teach the townspeople about the new three r's: ragin', revolver-totin', and rulin'!
Ties That Bind
2. Ties That Bind
August 14, 1998
A destitute farmer is wrongfully accused of a robbery. He gets sent to work on a chain gang which is led by a ruthless boss who intends to kill him.
The Judgement of Joe Bonner
1. The Judgement of Joe Bonner
August 7, 1998
A remorseless killer arrives in a new town where a jury has been assembled to pass judgment on him. Will he receive a fair trial, or the outright condemnation he deserves for the heinous crimes he committed?
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  • Premiere Date
    March 2, 1997
  • IMDB Rating
    7.1  (334)