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  • TV-14
  • 2009
  • 1 Season
  • 7.3  (10,025)

Defying Gravity is a science-fiction drama television series that aired on ABC in 2009. The show is set in the near future and follows the story of eight astronauts from five different countries who embark on a six-year mission called the Antares Project. Their mission is to explore and study the solar system, specifically a group of planets known as the Beta System.

The show starts with the crew launching into space from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. They all have their own personal reasons for joining the mission, but they must work together to complete their mission successfully. The crew is led by experienced astronaut Maddux Donner, played by Ron Livingston, who is well-respected by his colleagues and has a complicated past with one of the crew members, Zoe Barnes, played by Laura Harris.

Throughout the show, the crew faces various challenges, from equipment malfunctions to personal conflicts. Adding to the drama, each episode also features flashbacks to the crew's training on Earth, revealing their backstories and motivations for joining the mission. The relationships between the crew members become more complex as they deal with isolation, secrets, and romantic entanglements.

Apart from the interpersonal drama, the series also explores larger themes such as the ethics of space exploration, the impact of long-term space travel on human psychology, and the implications of finding extraterrestrial life.

One of the main challenges the crew faces is a mysterious particle that seems to defy the laws of physics, and becomes known as Beta. This unknown force affects the crew, creating hallucinations and causing them to question their reality. As the series progresses, the true nature of Beta is slowly revealed, and the crew must come to terms with its implications.

The show also features a talented supporting cast, including Christina Cox as Jen Crane, the lead of ground control, who has a complicated romantic history with Donner; Peter Howitt as Dr. Evram Mintz, the mission's chief science officer; Malik Yoba as Ted Shaw, the mission's engineer; Eyal Podell as Dr. Rollie Crane, a geologist and Jen's husband; Ty Olsson as Ajay Sharma, the mission's doctor; Maxim Roy as Claire Dereux, a French astronaut and Rollie's ex-girlfriend; Andrew Airlie as Mike Goss, the mission's director; Florentine Lahme as Nadia Schilling, a German astronaut; Dylan Taylor as Steve Wassenfelder, the mission's pilot; Karen LeBlanc as Eve Shaw, Ted's wife and head of communications; and Zahf Paroo as the Canadian astronaut, Ajay's replacement.

Despite its positive reviews and strong cast, Defying Gravity was cancelled after only one season due to low ratings. However, the show has since gained a cult following among science-fiction fans for its unique blend of interpersonal drama and hard science fiction.

In conclusion, Defying Gravity is a compelling and thought-provoking science-fiction drama that explores themes of human relationships and the human psyche in the midst of space exploration. The show's talented cast and intriguing storyline make for a captivating viewing experience that will keep audiences engaged from start to finish.

Defying Gravity is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on August 2, 2009.

Defying Gravity
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13. Kiss
October 23, 2009
Zoe starts her seemingly hopeless walk on the surface of Venus, guided by a sound only she can hear, while her previous relationship with Donner is revealed to all.
12. Venus
October 16, 2009
Zoe & Donner finally land on Venus, but the mission is in jeopardy.
11. Solitary
October 9, 2009
The crew prepares for the landing on Venus and the loneliness and isolation of space.
Deja Vu
10. Deja Vu
October 2, 2009
The crew prepares for the Venus landing, election day, and they continue to deal with the news of their real mission.
Eve Ate the Apple
9. Eve Ate the Apple
September 18, 2009
As the Antares draws closer to Venus the mysterious secret in Pod 4 is finally exposed.
Love, Honor, Obey
8. Love, Honor, Obey
September 13, 2009
The crew of the Antares is threatened by a close solar flare. In the meantime, the mysterious element in Pod 4 sends out a siren call no one can resist.
7. Fear
September 6, 2009
Hallucinations put crew members' lives in danger.
6. Bacon
August 30, 2009
Some crew members struggle with guilt; a serious accident puts a crew member's life in danger.
5. Rubicon
August 23, 2009
The Antares crosses a point of no return and turning back to Earth is no longer an option. In the meantime, each of the crew members has to cope with a personal point of no return.
4. H21K
August 16, 2009
The crew faces its first major crisis when a series of system failures plunges everything into chaos, as power, heat and gravity-control are lost.
3. Threshold
August 9, 2009
Personal and professional relationships get more intense on Earth and aboard the Antares. In the meantime, the Antares' crew undergoes cellular and psychological transformations which is caused by the unseen power behind the mission.
Natural Selection
2. Natural Selection
August 2, 2009
With the Antares en route to Venus, the crew finds that some past choices, combined with an unknown element in the ship's mysterious Storage Pod 4, lead to a complex web of dreams, desires and illusions that result in a life-threatening crisis.
1. Pilot
August 2, 2009
A team of eight astronauts, embarking on a six-year journey to explore Venus and other planets in the solar system, find their lives and destinies intertwined and carefully directed, not only by Mission Control officials on Earth, but also by an unseen force which is much closer and far more powerful.
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  • Premiere Date
    August 2, 2009
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (10,025)