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Defying Gravity is a dramatic science-fiction television series created by James D. Parriott and set in the year 2052. In this series, eight astronauts from five different countries are chosen to participate in a six-year experiment. The experiment requires the astronauts to live aboard a spacecraft, Antares, for the entire six years, and to collect scientific data from around the solar system.

This mission is much different from other space missions because the entire world is watching the mission unfold. Astronauts aboard Antares include Dr. Evram Mintz (Eyal Podell), a psychiatrist from Canada, Jen Crane (Christina Cox), a biologist from Canada, Maddux Donner (Ron Livingston), the ship's chief engineer from the United States Midwest, Nadia Schilling (Florentine Lahme), a pilot from Germany, Paula Morales (Paula Garces), the payload specialist originally from Texas, Steve Wassenfelder (Dylan Taylor), theoretical physicist also from the United States, Ted Shaw (Malik Yoba), US born commander of Antares, and Zoe Barnes (Laura Harris), a geologist from Canada.

Every minute of the astronauts lives is being delivered to televisions all over the world. In addition to the public, mission control and many others are also watching every move, emotion and confrontation that occurs between crew members.

Shortly after the mission begins, the crew begins to question their official mission objectives. In fact, it is soon revealed that an unknown person may be manipulating crew missions. At first, the crew thinks the unusual things that are happening are coincidental, but soon they begin to realize that their mission may have a bigger purpose than their actual mission objectives.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
August 2, 2009
Cast: Ron Livingston, Malik Yoba, Andrew Airlie, Paula Garcés
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Defying Gravity Full Episode Guide

  • Zoe starts her seemingly hopeless walk on the surface of Venus, guided by a sound only she can hear, while her previous relationship with Donner is revealed to all.

  • Zoe & Donner finally land on Venus, but the mission is in jeopardy.

  • The crew prepares for the landing on Venus and the loneliness and isolation of space.

  • The crew prepares for the Venus landing, election day, and they continue to deal with the news of their real mission.

  • As the Antares draws closer to Venus the mysterious secret in Pod 4 is finally exposed.

  • The crew of the Antares is threatened by a close solar flare. In the meantime, the mysterious element in Pod 4 sends out a siren call no one can resist.

  • Hallucinations put crew members' lives in danger.

  • Some crew members struggle with guilt; a serious accident puts a crew member's life in danger.

  • The Antares crosses a point of no return and turning back to Earth is no longer an option. In the meantime, each of the crew members has to cope with a personal point of no return.

  • The crew faces its first major crisis when a series of system failures plunges everything into chaos, as power, heat and gravity-control are lost.

  • Personal and professional relationships get more intense on Earth and aboard the Antares. In the meantime, the Antares' crew undergoes cellular and psychological transformations which is caused by the unseen power behind the mission.

  • With the Antares en route to Venus, the crew finds that some past choices, combined with an unknown element in the ship's mysterious Storage Pod 4, lead to a complex web of dreams, desires and illusions that result in a life-threatening crisis.

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